Spinach-Pesto Dip

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  1. Carry a effectively-organized pot of salted water to a boil. Possess a effectively-organized bowl with ice water and obtain 22 situation nearby. Add herbs to boiling water and cook until interesting green, about 10 seconds. Switch to ice bath with a slotted spoon. When chilly, drain and squeeze dry.

  2. Combine herbs, nuts or seeds, garlic, and a pair of teaspoons salt in a food processor; job until very finely minced.

  3. Drizzle in oil with the machine running and job until soft, scraping down sides of bowl as crucial.

  4. Add cheese and pulse to combine.

  5. Store in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for as a lot as 1 week. Or switch to resealable plastic bags and freeze for as a lot as 4 months; thaw in refrigerator overnight.

  6. Toss with pasta, spread on sandwiches, or jog into yogurt to fabricate a transient dip.

    Greg DuPree

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