Obe Ata (Nigerian Crimson Pepper Sauce) Recipe

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Why This Recipe Works

  • Roasting the vegetables first will enhance their sweetness and deepens their flavor.
  • Combining palm oil with a neutral oil provides correct flavor from the palm oil with out making the sauce very heavy.

“I will let you know 3 strategies correct now eat obe ata: for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” Chef Simileoluwa Adebajo of Eko Kitchen, San Francisco’s first Nigerian restaurant, and I both chortle a little bit as she says this. Obe ata or obe ata din din, which translates from Yoruba to “pepper stew” and “fried pepper stew,” respectively, is a Nigerian tomato- and pepper-basically based sauce, stew, and soup of limitless adaptations, and her enthusiasm for it is miles contagious.

Adebajo’s suggestions are so assorted that I could perhaps possible well feel my possess pleasure growing on the prospects of eating obe ata all day and each day as I worked on a recipe for it. “In the morning, you might perhaps possible bid obe ata din din as the snide for eggs, extra or less like shakshuka, and serve it with fried plantains. For lunch, obe ata stirred in with hen and over long-grain rice. And for dinner, as a fish stew with eba [cassava granules].”

This versatility appears to be why obe ata has been embraced so totally in both properties and restaurants. It transitions with out announce from a stew-like snide for both meat or vegetarian dinners to an stunning sauce (“din din” denotes further sautéing in oil to variety obe ata thicker and focus flavor) that can also be served in many extra strategies, including as a dip. “My mother ancient to variety big batches that can perhaps possible well final for two weeks when she changed into a medical resident, so every night time she most efficient wished to attach up the perimeters and mix-ins,” Adebajo tells me. “It’s one in every of these items which might perhaps possible perhaps be so adaptable, hence why it changed into the very first thing she taught me cook.”

The Versatility of Obe Ata

Esther Ikuru of The Cooking Pot, a homestyle Nigerian restaurant in Charlotte, NC, tells me that obe ata recipes requiring a broad differ of further or distinctiveness components (beyond the general hen, pork, and eggs) are nicknamed “a entire bunch velocity bumps” as both an internal shaggy dog story and praise to the maker for keeping issues attention-grabbing (it’ll moreover be viewed as a label of social web web site, for having adequate money to grab a pair of proteins for the dish). In Nigeria, add-ins can differ from snail meat and prawns to turkey (a favored assortment of protein, especially wings or gizzards) and ram.

Severe Eats / Vicky Wasik

At Eko Kitchen, Adebajo serves obe ata as part of a chips-and-dip attach, as effectively as a dip for Nigerian yam fries. It immediate grew to was the breakout broad name of the menu. “The shoppers correct bear to know what’s within the sauce. Of us would burst into the kitchen making an try to figure it out. In the inspiration, I changed into careworn—why changed into all americans latching onto this?”

Adebajo at the moment employed a meals advisor who told her to lean into what her guests were clamoring for. “If of us retain talking about it, I bear to eavesdrop on them. So I started gathering suggestions on how they loved it. Sweet? Full of life?” After tweaking her recipe correct a contact (“for a extra frequent viewers, we toned down the warmth”), she’s attach to originate a jarred line of obe ata to be equipped on the restaurant and distinctiveness stores within the Bay Dwelling. Adebajo coyly provides that despite the reality that the general recipe is easy, there’s continually one thing she doesn’t uncover when she shares it. “I will’t let you know all the pieces!”

Spice and Freshness

Obe ata’s appeal and its mystique comes from the reality that its preparation is comparatively easy yet requires a clear contact to release deeper stages of nuance. “The definitive quality that translates between all variations is the spice and freshness,” Adebajo tells me. “There ought to aloof unquestionably be habanero or Scotch bonnet pepper for that bite—and these are new…The utilization of new components is regularly important.” Ikuru provides the ought to aloof never be bitter, but scrumptious and a contact candy, the flavors coaxed out of the core components with careful plot. “A real African meal is rarely in truth cooked with sugar,” she says.

“Personally, [obe ata] is so special due to all americans has their possess device that they mediate is ‘the most efficient’,” Adebajo tells me. Given the greatest part of obe ata is the trio of pepper, tomato, and onion, great of the art in its preparation comes the general vogue down to how one handles these components. Extracting the utmost depth from these components is what differentiates one model from the next.

Adebajo roasts all her vegetables within the oven for over a half of-hour earlier than mixing. “There’s correct a clear depth of flavor, a compose of aroma that’s entirely diversified and unbelievable whenever you happen to make the effort to elevate out this step.” Others might perhaps possible decide out of blending the vegetables and as a substitute sever them finely for a miles extra textured consequence.

Then there are the additions, like new ginger (“My mother would add this when she changed into in a definite mood—despite the reality that I’m not certain what that mood changed into, in truth,” Adebajo says with a snicker), dried crayfish (freshwater shrimp which might perhaps possible perhaps be solar-dried, a very grand building block of Nigerian cuisine), or Nigerian curry powder.

A few of the core components in obe ata, clockwise from high left: palm oil, Cameroon pepper, crimson peppers plus sizzling ones like habaneros and fresno chilies, and Nigerian curry powder.

Severe Eats / Vicky Wasik

Picks just like the oil ancient, whether or not a undeniable vegetable one or viscous crimson palm oil, moreover variety a noticeable impact on obe ata’s coloration and taste. “[Red palm oil] is a new oil, and it’s entirely diversified than one thing that’s been homogenized,” Adebajo says. “Most most frequently it’s natural, unrefined, and provides a candy flavor to the stew, so now you bear a candy and fascinating profile within the stew.” (The crimson coloration comes from the antioxidants beta-carotene and lycopene.)

A Pan-Nigerian Staple

The ubiquity of obe ata across Nigeria moreover provides a charming note into the mix of cultural practices within the nation. The stew is firmly part of Yoruba cuisine, an ethnic neighborhood encompassing roughly 44 million of us worldwide and 21% of Nigeria’s inhabitants. Irrespective of the reality that the Yoruba of us are largely concentrated within the nation’s western states, obe ata will also be stumbled on on the menus of buka joints (informal eateries) across Nigeria. It has “was a staple of the non-Yoruba of us of the East as effectively,” Adebajo says, “due to meals continually travels [with people].”

Sadly, great of obe ata’s extra some distance away history is hard to label. The transatlantic slave alternate and subsequent British colonial rule (from 1865 to 1960) destroyed the oral history and files of cultural practices and meals traditions that had been handed down by device of households for generations. “Many of the meals changed into ingrained with Yoruba faith, and it changed into most frequently ancient for non secular sacrifices,” Adebajo tells me. In consequence of the British were missionaries, Yoruba meals custom changed into banned as a capability to erase ties to the previous, and its of us “re-programmed to eat meals with Western have an effect on.”

There’s a profound disappointment as Adebajo speaks of the lasting impact of colonialism in Nigeria, where the British were ready to manufacture administration of the nation by device of a take care of the Royal Niger Company, a business purchasing and selling company they chartered, which at final equipped its territories to the British government. The Royal Niger Company later grew to was part of Unilever, which this day sells great of the packaged meals in Nigeria.

“The these that colonized our nation are aloof dictating the meals of us can eat,” Adebajo says, her frustration palpable. “Accurate announce at milk, it wasn’t even part of the Nigerian food regimen till it changed into introduced in from in a international nation.” Obe ata hasn’t escaped the have an effect on of processed-meals corporations, either: Many smartly-liked recipes will name for Knorr-stamp bouillon cubes, that are part of Unilever’s portfolio.

Severe Eats / Vicky Wasik

For Adebajo, venturing down the freeway of meals entrepreneurship with obe ata has was a name-to-circulation to form the next future for Nigeria. “Nigerian meals is serious!” Adebajo exclaims. “Accurate like how of us assert European meals is serious, or how Asian meals has wealthy history, African meals has one of the most deepest cultural heritage on this planet.” As anyone with a grasp’s stage in developmental economics, Adebajo’s foray into restaurants can also bear within the inspiration gave the affect of a departure from her thought to work for the United Nations or the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Movement Lab, but now, Adebajo tells me, she sees how great this stage of her existence aligns alongside with her overall mission to share Nigerian custom.

While she knows at final she’ll head serve into the international building facet and pass serve to Nigeria to elevate out so, Eko Kitchen because it stands now’s her device of reshaping the Nigerian fable in a international nation. “That isn’t correct a recipe that suits wisely into your keto thought,” she says. “Taking part on this meals, you’re taking part within the Nigerian device of existence.”

A Stew Or A Dip

This recipe, tailored from two diversified recipes from cooks Simileoluwa Adebajo and Esther Ikuru, items a baseline device for making the fundamental sauce, which is able to then be served with assorted meats like a stew or cooked down loyal into a condiment for dipping.

Its vital components are crimson bells peppers at the side of sizzling new chile peppers like habaneros (or Scotch bonnets), tomato, onion, garlic, and further. Past that, diversified decisions for flavoring the sauce are as a lot as you. You might perhaps possible well also bid extra or less crimson palm oil to stain it a deeper maroon coloration and give it an earthier, sweeter flavor; you might perhaps possible add flavorings like Nigerian curry powder, new ginger, and ground Cameroon chiles, that are both fascinating and smoky; you might perhaps possible even purchase whether or now to not variety it a absolutely subtle purée or leave it chunkier for some texture.

In the occasion you serve it as a stew, you bear correct as great flexibility with what you attach apart within the stew and how great you use of it. This recipe makes a terrific quantity of sauce, so that you just might perhaps possible divide it up and bid it in diversified strategies. Are trying immediate simmering cooked hen in it (as the recipe under suggests), or are trying turkey, pork, lamb, or goat—cooked tripe is a favored likelihood, too! Hardboiled eggs will also be shelled and gently simmered within the sauce as effectively. Many of vegetables, like candy potatoes and greens, will also be cooked within the sauce for a vegetarian likelihood.

As a dip, it be fantastic with plantain chips or with fufu (a starchy dish constituted of pounded and boiled cassava root and inexperienced plantains).

The very best thing is to variety a mountainous batch and find inventive: obe ata provides a world of serving prospects.

March 2020

Obe Ata (Nigerian Crimson Pepper Sauce) Recipe

This versatile recipe delivers a flavorful crimson pepper tomato sauce for a stew or dip.

  • 8 crimson bell peppers (about 4 1/2 kilos; 2kg), stemmed, cored, and minimize into roughly 1/2-lunge cube

  • 9 tablespoons (135ml) crimson palm oil, divided

  • Kosher salt

  • 12 medium cloves garlic (about 1 head), roughly chopped

  • 6 colossal plum tomatoes (about 1 3/4 kilos; 800g), cored and quartered

  • 4 Fresno chile peppers (about 2 oz.; 55g), stemmed, seeded, and minimize into roughly 1/2-lunge cube (scrutinize notes)

  • 4 habanero or Scotch bonnet peppers (about 1 ounce; 30g), stemmed, seeded, and minimize into roughly 1/2-lunge cube (scrutinize notes)

  • 2 colossal crimson onions (about 1 3/4 kilos; 800g), peeled and minimize into roughly 1/2-lunge cube

  • One 2-lunge phase peeled new ginger (about 3/4 ounce; 20g), roughly chopped

  • 1 quart (1L) hand-crafted hen inventory or retailer-sold, low-sodium broth, or vegetable inventory

  • 9 tablespoons (135ml) canola or diversified neutral oil

  • 1/2 teaspoon Nigerian curry powder, a lot like Lion’s Imprint, or extra to taste (not mandatory, scrutinize notes)

  • Ground Cameroon pepper, to taste (scrutinize notes)

  • 4 kilos (1.8kg) cooked bone-in hen (not mandatory)

  • Torn new basil leaves, for garnish (not mandatory)

  1. Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C) and attach oven racks within the tip- and backside-third positions. Line two rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper.

  2. In a colossal bowl, toss crimson bell peppers with 2 tablespoons (30ml) palm oil. Season with salt. Switch in an even layer to one in every of the rimmed baking sheets. In the identical colossal bowl, toss garlic, tomato, Fresno chile, habanero, onion, and ginger with 4 tablespoons (60ml) palm oil. Season with salt. Switch in an even layer to the diversified rimmed baking sheet.

  3. Roast the vegetables, stirring and rotating baking sheets a pair of times all over cooking, till all are soft, some of their juices bear cooked off, and so they’re charred in spots, about forty five minutes for the crimson bell peppers and 30 minutes for the tomatoes, chiles, and onions.

  4. Scrape the general roasted vegetables loyal into a blender jar and mix till either a fleshy or subtle purée kinds (the consistency of your obe ata is as a lot as you; we like a smoother sauce for when it is miles ancient for stews and a chunkier one when it is miles ancient as a dip or condiment).

  5. Switch vegetable purée to a Dutch oven. Lope in hen inventory, remaining 3 tablespoons (45ml) palm oil, canola oil, curry powder, and Cameroon pepper. Lift to a simmer. Season lightly with salt, then simmer till sauce is diminished to a correct stew-like thickness that can perhaps possible coat pieces of meat effectively, about 1 hour. If desired, season with further curry powder and/or Cameroon pepper to fulfill your desired flavor and spice stage.

  6. If serving with hen, add cooked hen to the Dutch oven and simmer till hen is warmed by device of, about 15 minutes. Assist with warm rice and garnish with torn basil leaves, if desired.

  7. Alternatively, you might perhaps possible proceed to cook down the sauce till it thickens to a dip-like consistency, about 3 hours; the oils will wreck from the sauce on this time and fry the vegetable purée, deepening its flavor further.

Special Equipment

Dutch oven, blender


In the occasion you are unable to salvage Fresno chiles, you might perhaps possible substitute that amount with any other soft crimson chiles. The assortment of sizzling chile peppers called for here would not variety a extraordinarily fascinating sauce, so be contented to add as many extra as you’d like fixed with your possess tolerance for spiciness.

In the occasion you might perhaps possible’t salvage Lion’s stamp curry powder, you might perhaps possible substitute any other curry powder of your picking (uncover that it’ll taste diversified), or leave it out whenever you happen to don’t bear to add these spice flavors to this dish.

Ground Cameroon pepper is a sizzling and smoky dried pepper powder. In the occasion you might perhaps possible’t salvage it, you might perhaps possible substitute ground chipotle powder, or freshly ground sunless pepper.

Build-Ahead and Storage

Obe ata will also be kept in an airtight container within the refrigerator for as a lot as five days and within the freezer for as a lot as 3 months.

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