Fried Egg Salad [Yam Khai Dao]

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Did you fall in cherish with The Crispy Egg? Did you, too, ruin up obsessed with the crackly lacy edges, the potato-chip bask in crisp beneath, the souffled egg whites, and the high melodrama of all of that hissing and sputtering? Did you wander on a Crispy Egg Bender? Advance, take a seat down. You’re among traffic.

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That is the next chapter in the crispy egg saga. It turned into meant for the next day, but I mistakenly bought distracted with chicken pot pies, chocolate babka and fall-toush salads as an different — my priorities are whack, I know. It came into my existence as soon as I went on the hunt for something more attention-grabbing to enact with egg salad. I imply, outdated egg salad is oh-kay (despite the indisputable fact that I snatch my lisp on it, with outrageous dijon and bits ‘o pickled celery) but given all of the magical, very honest appropriate programs you would possibly well perchance well well cook dinner and lisp eggs, don’t you reflect the category of egg salad genuinely should grasp more suave intrigues than, utter, curry powder and jarred mayo (shudder)?

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I chanced on exactly what I on no narrative knew I turned into searching out for in the Pok Pok Cookbook I’d purchased that month, unable to resist the (splendid) hype from now on. Here, the aforementioned crispy egg is flipped and fried all over again, until the yolks are cooked but nonetheless “molten” and the total thing is a golden shattery cloud. Meanwhile, prep a salad — greens, onion, carrots, celery and cilantro are suggested but there’s no motive to now not add or subtract objects you already catch spherical. And behold, I sign at this level you’re doubtlessly pondering, “K, Deb, it’s a fried egg and salad. Are we genuinely going to manufacture this form of gigantic deal out of this?” I regain it. I’d reflect the identical. However I haven’t educated you about the dressing yet, excuse me, the sizzling dressing. The mere suggestion of the ingredient combination — lime juice, fish sauce, chiles, garlic, retain me — turned into sufficient to reside me, and each dated, mayo-inflected opinion of what egg salad shall be, in my tracks. Poured over this salad and tough-chopped crispy eggs while nonetheless sizzling and tossed barely sufficient to moderately of wilt it, to be appropriate, I reflect I wilted alongside with it. It’s that appropriate. It needs to be your dinner tonight.

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Fried Egg Salad [Yam Khai Dao]

Adapted, honest appropriate moderately, from the Pok Pok Cookbook

I made a total lot of liberal interpretations here. I historic readily-obtainable celery, now not Chinese. I historic lower than one chile because my husband declared it “plenty sizzling” most productive to search out that we would possibly well perchance well now not catch minded the second, for the reason that diversified dressing ingredients mellowed it plenty. When you’ve bought palm sugar and opt to manufacture palm sugar straightforward syrup (here’s the recipe online), you fully would possibly well perchance well catch to, but I honest appropriate historic 1 tablespoon water + 1 teaspoon darkish brown sugar as an different. Lastly, the salad is alleged to be tossed on the consequence in a sizzling wok with the dressing you’ve made, but I chanced on pouring the sizzling dressing over the salad and tossing it to be an acceptable change. It most productive frivolously wilted the ingredients, my need. For the to-the-letter model, plus an practically unfair quantity of palatable inspiration in one space (hey, fish sauce wings, papaya salad and grilled corn with salty coconut cream), I’m able to now not advocate the cookbook sufficient.

Serves 2 to 6 4 (as share of a greater meal), but it also makes an very honest appropriate single-serving meal for a hungry human


2 gigantic eggs, at room temperature

Ample vegetable oil to put a depth of 1/4-fling


1 cup frivolously-packed torn inexperienced leaf lettuce (approximately 2-fling pieces)

1/4 cup thinly sliced yellow onion

1/4 cup thin or julienned carrot strips

1/4 cup coarsely chopped celery, Chinese or diversified, consist of leaves

1/4 cup frivolously packed coarsely chopped cilantro, thin stems and leaves


1 1/2 tablespoons lime juice (Key limes are suggested, but don’t fuss at the same time as you happen to can’t salvage them)

1 1/2 tablespoons palm sugar straightforward syrup [see Note up top] or 1 tablespoon water + 1 teaspoon darkish brown sugar

1 tablespoon Thai fish sauce

1 1/2 teaspoons (1 gigantic clove) very thinly sliced garlic

2 novel Thai chiles, preferably inexperienced, thinly sliced (more or less to taste)

Fry eggs: Heat a wok or dinky skillet over the absolute top warmth. As soon as sizzling, add sufficient oil to put a depth of a true 1/4-fling. As soon as the oil is sizzling sufficient to smoke, fastidiously crack the eggs into the oil — cautiously, as they’ll splatter plenty — and slit back the warmth to medium-high. The eggs will roar, sputter and the whites would possibly well perchance well catch to puff and form translucent bubbles. When they’re very crispy and a deep golden brown beneath, Forty five seconds to 1 minute, lisp a thin spatula to flip the eggs, trying to now not interrupt the yolks but now not fretting if it happens. Cook for one more minute on the second facet, until the yolks are intention but nonetheless moderately of molten (purpose to catch them moderately less free than mine, proven above). Switch eggs to paper towels; you would possibly well perchance well well cook dinner them up to Quarter-hour before serving. Discard oil and wipe out wok or skillet.

Assemble salad: Enlighten all salad ingredients in a huge bowl. Quarter the eggs via the yolks and add them to the salad.

Create the dressing: Enlighten the lime juice, palm syrup or darkish brown sugar and water, fish sauce, garlic and chiles in the identical wok or skillet. Self-discipline it over medium warmth and warmth the mix until it honest appropriate begins to sizzle on the perimeters, lower than 30 seconds.

End and relief: Pour the sizzling dressing over the salad and eggs. Lope gently to combine. When you’re feeling esteem, transfer the salad, liquid at all, to a plate in a low heap. Spend straight away.

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