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White Russian

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Author Notes

This barely unsubtle, postwar popular became restored to relevancy by the Coen Brothers film ‘The Substantial Lebowski,’ by which Jeff Bridge’s sublimely unfazed Dude drinks them religiously. It be a simply drink once you happen to will no longer be inclined in opposition to a quantity of pondering within the within the intervening time (which became appropriate about any second for the Dude). The vodka ensures it would no longer potential the flavor complexity of a Brandy Alexander. Nonetheless if each and each vodka and cream and low are among your popular things, this is also your jam. —Robert Simonson

Test Kitchen Notes

This three-ingredient cocktail—made with vodka, Kahlúa, and heavy cream—is the antidote we’ve been having a leer for to remedy the chilly climate blues. It’s silky, has a essential coffee flavor, and—as a consequence of Kahlúa’s lower-than-vodka ABV—is a little lighter on the booze than it’s most likely you’ll well well mediate. Served up, in an Light Authentic glass,  it’s an cool beverage that nonetheless delivers cosy vibes.

And what exactly does a White Russian cocktail watch esteem? It’ll range the gamut, of us: Stutter  it at a bar, and it can well well come stout of ice cubes in a pint glass. When we create them at home, even though, we again them very cool and trim. Milky-white with a barely tan tint (that’s as a consequence of the Kahlúa) it in overall comes without a garnish. Whenever you happen to truly are searching for to gain love, rim the glass with vanilla sugar or tumble in about a coffee beans (esteem an espresso martini). Nothing else important!

Indicate: The White Russian could unruffled no longer be pressured with a former Russian cocktail (infrequently most steadily known as a “Shadowy Russian”). A Shadowy Russian contains equal system of vodka and Kahlúa, nonetheless eschews the cream. It’s a darker, boozier version of its wintery relative. Esteem the White Russian, the darker version is served in an Light Authentic glass, nonetheless as a consequence of it’s so sturdy, it’s in overall served on the rocks. (Usually, it’s most likely you’ll well well look it garnished with a cherry.) Try them each and each aspect-by-aspect to exhaust to your self which you purchased.

Whenever you happen to’re having a leer for a straight forward cocktail to create one day of the vacation season for cocktail events or nights at home, either of these could well intention the trick. —Food52

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  • 1 1/2 oz


  • 3/4 ounce


  • 3/4 ounce

    heavy cream
  1. Combine the total system in a cocktail shaker stuffed with ice and shake till chilled and neatly constructed-in, about 15 seconds. Stress into a chilled Light-Authentic glass.

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