Strawberry Roast Beef Salad~  Strawberry Roast Beef Salad~ 12467 strawberry roast beef salad

Strawberry Roast Beef Salad~

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  • * 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese*, slash in chunk size piece
  • * 2 nick roast beef, rolled then
  • * 1/2 tomato*, cubed
  • * 1/3 tremendous cucumber*, cubed
  • * 1/4 cup red pepper*, chopped
  • * 1 cup strawberry* (5-6), sliced
  • * 1 pinch spinach*


  1. In a wide mouthed canning jar add substances as listed, spinach being final.
  2. Duvet and store in fridge till wished.
  3. To assist, merely empty canning jar onto a plate or into a bowl and add your celebrated dressing.

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