Slack Cooker Corned Red meat

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“This gradual cooker corned pork recipe is so straightforward, with favorite substances, and it cooks on low for 7 hours. It is miles favorite, nonetheless it with out a doubt is so very delicious. Hubby gave it 5 stars out of 5 and even my fussy 2-year-extinct ate it all. Hope you expertise it!
We ate this with roasted greens, and I topped mine with pickled mustard; my husband extinct gravy.”

Ready In:
7hrs 5mins



  • 1

    kg corned pork

  • 1

    medium onion

  • 1

    tablespoon brown sugar

  • 2

    cups water

  • 12

    cup white vinegar


  • Pour into gradual cooker water and vinegar,
  • peel and cut onion into quarters, add to gradual cooker,.
  • sprinkle in brown sugar,.
  • insist meat into gradual cooker,
  • quilt, in finding 22 situation to low and leave for seven hours.
  • Let stand for ten minutes before slicing, meat is so succulent.
  • Top meat with mustard pickles, chutney or bask in.
  • Wait on along with your favorite greens, its the kind of transient and straight forward meal nonetheless so yummy, expertise!

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I after all have two young kids and a fussy husband, so i’m repeatedly looking for to safe original receipes. I’m no longer an extraordinarily assured cook dinner so have purchased a gradual cooker and am playing every minute of it. I like that my condo now smells of our delicious dinner cooking.

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