Shagbark’s Sangaree (Madeira and Lemon Cocktail) Recipe  Shagbark’s Sangaree (Madeira and Lemon Cocktail) Recipe 14051 shagbarks sangaree madeira and lemon cocktail recipe

Shagbark’s Sangaree (Madeira and Lemon Cocktail) Recipe

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This uncomplicated-keen Madeira cocktail is supreme for Thanksgiving.

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Why This Recipe Works

  • This cocktail is filled with style, however no longer too considerable alcohol, making it supreme for pre-dinner sipping.
  • Peer a bottle labeled “Malmsey” to rep a Madeira with the real stage of sweetness.
  • The drink is brightened by shaking the Madeira with ice, uncomplicated syrup, and new lemon juice.

Earlier than the turkey arrives at the desk, some other folks serve oysters on the half of shell, some serve pumpkin soup, and others offer deviled eggs. Some capture to build their belly home. But, appetizers or no appetizers, many of us start keen lengthy before the Thanksgiving meal begins, and there are many causes to originate this sangaree—a sweet-tart, caramelly, nutty, no longer-too-boozy cocktail—your signature Thanksgiving drink.

The recipe would not date to the 1600s, however it completely is an oldie, coming to us from Derek Salerno of Shagbark in Richmond, Virginia. When designing Shagbark’s bar menu, Salerno modified into as soon as inspired by the mention of “Madeira wine made into Sangaree or Lemonade” that looked in Thomas Jefferson on Wine. “A extra iconic Virginian gourmet [than Jefferson] you is inclined to be no longer inclined to search out,” says Salerno, so he started poking around feeble cocktail books and twiddling with formulas for this precursor to sangria as we understand it.

The deplorable of the drink might perhaps simply no longer be that familiar today time, however within the colonial era, considerable of the wine within the US came from Madeira, a tiny island off the drift of Morocco. The place modified into as soon as very simply positioned for swap ships, and as their export swap grew, Madeiran winemakers started so that it’s good to add brandy or other spirits to serve their wine remaining throughout the lengthy, sizzling voyage at sea. (For those unfamiliar concerning the history, I highly recommend attempting out Serious Eater Robert F. Moss’s new e book, Southern Spirits.) Whenever you would also simply appreciate by no approach tried Madeira—and likewise you ought to!—this cocktail is an exquisite place to start.

Most of its style comes from Malmsey, the sweetest of the diversity of single-grape Madeiras. (The associated price might perhaps simply no longer mention it, however Malmsey is manufactured from malvasia grapes.) The wine’s fermentation is stopped while there is detached slightly a shrimp of sugar within the mix. Right here, the Madeira provides a walnut-bask in, toffee-laced character to the drink, and a beefy texture that would not require any other spirit to bulk it up. Which is for the very best ought to you ought to start your keen superb and uncomplicated.

Whenever you attempt to search out a drier model of Madeira to sip by itself, stride with Sercial or Verdelho. A wine labeled as Bual or Malmsey will be considerable richer, supreme for pairing with cheese or dessert.

If you would also simply appreciate bought the Madeira in hand, correct add a shrimp new lemon and uncomplicated syrup to steadiness it out, then shake every little thing till effectively chilled. A grating of new nutmeg echoes the toasty, oxidative aromas of the fortified wine neatly. And, since there just shouldn’t be any longer, disclose, rum or whiskey within the mix, you might perhaps be in a blueprint to appreciate a couple before your family exhibits up for the feast, and a few extra as soon as the turkey’s on the desk.

November 2016

Shagbark’s Sangaree (Madeira and Lemon Cocktail) Recipe

This uncomplicated-keen Madeira cocktail is supreme for Thanksgiving.

  • 2 oz. (60ml) Malmsey Madeira (equivalent to H. M. Borges Feeble Reserve Malmsey 10 Yr or Blandy’s 10 Yr Malmsey)

  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) uncomplicated syrup (glimpse notes)

  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) new juice from 1 lemon

  • Freshly grated nutmeg, for garnish

  1. Add Madeira, uncomplicated syrup, and lemon to a cocktail shaker and own with ice. Shake till effectively chilled, about 12 seconds. Double-strain correct into a soothing coupe glass. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and serve.


To originate uncomplicated syrup, mix one cup water with one cup sugar in a shrimp saucepan and warmth over medium warmth, stirring repeatedly, till sugar is dissolved. Frigid before utilizing. Easy syrup will withhold in a sealed container within the refrigerator for as much as 5 days.

Special Instruments

Cocktail shaker and strainer, honest strainer, chilled coupe glass

Nutrition Info (per serving)
71 Calories
0g Paunchy
14g Carbs
0g Protein

Show Paunchy Nutrition Mark
Veil Paunchy Nutrition Mark


Nutrition Info
Servings: 1
Quantity per serving
Calories 71
% Daily Tag*
0g 0%
Saturated Paunchy 0g 0%
0mg 0%
370mg 16%
14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Total Sugars 11g
Nutrition C 6mg 30%
Calcium 7mg 1%
Iron 0mg 1%
Potassium 69mg 1%
*The % Daily Tag (DV) tells you the plot considerable a nutrient in a meals serving contributes to a day after day weight reduction program. 2,000 calories a day is frequent for customary weight reduction program recommendation.

(Nutrition info is calculated utilizing an ingredient database and ought to be regarded as an estimate.)

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