SAWCLicious: No-Bake Cake with Graham  SAWCLicious: No-Bake Cake with Graham 13641 sawclicious no bake cake with graham

SAWCLicious: No-Bake Cake with Graham

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Mango-Graham is a no bake cake regarded as as similar outdated dwelling-made dessert in Manila. Or no longer it’s very easy to construct and merely savory. Throughout the most in vogue weeks, this has become a fad in my home fair attributable to my friends and I started yearning for it. First time I made it (record under), I historical speculoos biscuits, canned mangoes (sold from the Asian Retailer), and strawberries. I get speculoos too sweet nevertheless peaceful very fine. Remaining weekend, I stumbled on an American Retailer in Antwerp and used to be in a region to desire graham crackers! I hasty made my second are attempting when I reached dwelling and shared it to my colleagues the day outdated to this. All of them appear to admire it, no lower than that is what they instructed me. Are attempting it and let me know!

Mango/Strawberry Graham No-Bake Cake

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  • 350grams of graham crackers or speculoos
  • 125ml sweetened condensed milk
  • slices mangoes or sliced strawberries
  • 400ml or 400grams of unique cream
  • Shaved chocolate for garnishing


  1. Crush the graham crackers and station apart.
  2. Whip cream except soft peaks and mix condensed milk slowly.
  3. Veil the bottom of a baking dish with the crackers. Top the outside with sliced fruits. Then, generously spread the cream mixture to utterly duvet the crackers.
  4. Repeat laying crakers, fruits and spreading cream mixture except you most likely can furthermore delight in around 3-4 layers.
  5. Whenever you most likely can furthermore delight in create 3-4 layers, spread beaten or complete crackers because the discontinue.
  6. Veil the baking dish with plastic film and freeze the cake.
  7. To aid, space a cake in a plate topped with shaved sad chocolate.

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