Raspberry Sponge Cake Roll

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April 16th, 2006

Customary readers completely have seen that I have a extinct enviornment for recipes my grandma former to location up for me as a kiddo. I would maybe be trapped in nostalgic emotions, but radiant memories of her palatable baked goodies and a cornucopia of wonderful delicacies preserve calling out for me. Infrequently, well, tons of cases I resign. Even though I’m by no formula reasonably certain whether or no longer my makes an strive to breed her amazing recipes would maybe hurt the gleaming and most lively memories I have or if my have outcomes would maybe maybe attain even shut to her phenomenal creations. Anyway, on a extra pragmatic level, you’ll by no formula accumulate out until you strive!

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Cook or baker? Whereas the total public I know normally tend to drop into the form of categories – in accordance with the majority of dishes or baked goods they construct of their kitchens and their self assurance in either the form of abilities – my grandma was generous in each and each of them. Whereas “generous” is a wonderful absolute time frame, let me add that I haven’t considered her messing up a single dish all the blueprint in which via my childhood. And I was there, in her kitchen, factual subsequent to her, the total time! So if she ever had a flop, she must were wonderful artful about hiding it from her queer grandchild…

Not completely did I inherit her popular cookbooks but to boot endless random notes within these books. A few of them are stained with unidentifiable greasy spots, but I imagine them long-established wear and dart – simply a label for an normally former and thus well-confirmed recipe. One of many notes I stumbled on a few weeks up to now was titled “Biskuitroulade“. How would maybe I maybe have managed to no longer take into fable this for see you later? I started counting the years and snappy realized, that I haven’t had this roughly cake for blueprint over 15 years. And additional importantly, I by no formula baked it myself!

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Whereas my grandma normally ready it with varied jam, but another variation is extremely well represented in passe bakeries here in Bavaria: Filled with whipped cream and fresh fruits, admire strawberries or peaches. Both blueprint, the preparation is foolproof, mountainous hasty (generous for shock company) and the discontinue result unbelievable fluffy and YUMMY! My first roll I made final weekend and it lasted decrease than 24 hours – and no, we didn’t have any company 😉 The 2d one I baked this present day and completely 4 hours later half of of it is long gone already. To my defense, I didn’t have any lunch this present day…

In a spruce mixing bowl, with the saunter attachment, beat the egg whites until foamy and stiff. Preheat the oven to 200 °C (390 °F).

Self-discipline the egg yolks on the side of the granulated white sugar in but another bowl. Beat on high flee alongside with your electric mixer for about two minutes or until thick and pale. Add one tablespoon of vegetable oil (I former sunflower), the flour and mix until evenly mixed.

Gently fold about a third of the stiff whites into the batter to lighten it, and then fastidiously add the rest of the whites folding devoted until integrated.

Pour the batter onto a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper), evenly spreading the cake batter with an offset spatula. Bake for about 10 minutes or until evenly golden brown at 200 °C (390 °F), utilizing the center level for the tray. When done, a toothpick inserted in the heart will attain out spruce and the cake, when evenly pressed, will spring back.

Rob it out from the oven and turn it the opposite blueprint up on a sugar dusted (2 tablespoons) spruce kitchen towel. Make a choice the tray and quilt the parchment paper with a wet kitchen towel for a minute – this helps to separate the parchment paper from the sponge cake. In the raze capture away the wet towel and fastidiously pull off the paper.

Evenly spread the jam across the sponge cake, leaving on the least 2 cm/~1 jog edge. Fastidiously roll up the sponge cake, guaranteeing that it is rolled wonderful tightly and doesn’t trap an excessive amount of air in it. On the varied hand, squashing it an excessive amount of will squeeze the jam out of it when ending. Transfer to a plate, dirt with confectioner’s sugar and likewise you’re READY TO ROLL!

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Raspberry Sponge Cake Roll

Recipe source: my grandma

Prep time: 15min., baking: 10min.


System (yield: about 15 slices):

6(L) or 7(M) egg whites

6(L) or 7(M) egg yolks

90g sugar

1 tbsp vegetable oil

90g flour

one or two additional tbsp of sugar to “drop” the sponge cake on

1 glass of raspberry jam (about 200g/7ounce, ideally seedless)

confectioner’s sugar for dusting

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