Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage

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Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage is a essentially intellectual and contemporary St. Patrick’s Day meal. You potentially might presumably well construct Corned Pork within the Rapid Pot any time of the year. Have about a corned pink meat briskets in your freezer to abilities this yummy stress cooker corned pink meat and cabbage recipe as soon as you love!

Corned Pork and Cabbage on a white plate with pink boarder

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Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage

Cooking corned pink meat and cabbage within the Rapid Pot is a hands-off technique that is stress free and saves you time.

Rapid Pot Corned Pork Brisket is well to do and complete of flavor. The brisket is buttery and fall-apart soft! Blended with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, right here is a one-pot meal that can feed a crowd.

There are about a ways to arrange corned pink meat and cabbage. The ingredients fluctuate from along with garlic and onions (more of a Fresh England Boiled Dinner), to handiest cooking with pink meat broth or beer (as against correct water). This recipe has the expedient of every!

Is Flat Lower or Level Lower Corned Pork Brisket Better?

I considerable spend the Flat Lower corned pink meat brisket.

• Flat gash is more uniform in shape for better presentation and more even cooking.

• Flat gash corned pink meat has much less elephantine. Even supposing there might be a layer of elephantine on one aspect, it’s miles overall much less elephantine than a level gash.

• Level gash is always more cost high-quality than a flat gash corned pink meat brisket, so if that is considerable to you, get the purpose gash.

What if My Corned Pork Brisket is Frozen?

Ideally it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well are attempting to thaw it first for the expedient outcomes, on the opposite hand you will also cook it at the time directed and it will attain out intellectual. This would presumably well spend longer to return to stress on account of the frozen fragment of meat performing as an infinite ice dice!

Set apart I Want to Exercise the Spice Packet?

  • Yes, the spice packet makes this corned pink meat even more intellectual!
  • In case your brisket didn’t attain with a spice packet, correct perceive a pickling spice blend at the meals market. Most splendid title spice manufacturers construct one.

Pack up of Corned Pork Cabbage

Making Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage

  • The first step of the recipe is the dump and begin up step. Just put the corned pink meat within the pot with garlic, onion, the spice packet that came with it, about a aromatics, a bottle of Guinness®, and a few water. Then stress cook it.
  • Whenever you do now not are attempting to make spend of beer, spend low sodium pink meat or rooster broth, or correct spend water.
  • The 2d step is cooking the veggies. Whenever you had been to cook the veggies with the brisket, they might presumably well be complete mush by the purpose the meat turned into finished.
  • After stress cooking the corned pink meat brisket, spend away it to leisure after which add the veggies to the cooking liquid and stress cook them for correct a tiny while.
  • That’s all there is to it. No browning or anything!

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Whenever you construct this tasty Rapid Pot corned pink meat and cabbage recipe, let me know! Just hasten away a enlighten and a huge title rating below. I’d like to know the technique you actually liked it!

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Corned Pork and Cabbage on a white plate with pink boarder

Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage

Stress Constructing and Originate

25 mins

Rapid Pot Corned Pork and Cabbage is entirely intellectual. Invent this classic St. Patrick’s Day Irish meal. Stress cooker corned pink meat brisket and cabbage is a dump and begin up recipe!





Key phrase:

stress cooker corned pink meat and cabbage recipe

Servings: 5 – 7

Energy: 471 kcal

Author: Sandy Clifton


  • 6
    roughly chopped
  • 1
    Yellow Onion,
  • 2-4
    Corned Pork Brisket,
    rinsed (with the spice packet). If bigger than 3 lbs, gash in half of
  • 1
    12-ounce bottle
    Guinness Beer, or varied Broad Beer
    (or 2 cups Pork Broth, or Water)
  • 2-3
    (2 for a exiguous brisket, and 3 for an even bigger one)
  • 3
    gash in 3″ pieces
  • 2
    gash into fourths or sixths
  • 1
    exiguous head
    gash in fourths or sixths


  1. Add the garlic and onion to the pot.

  2. Enlighten the brisket within the pot with the elephantine aspect up.

  3. Sprinkle spice packet over and all the procedure in which via the brisket.

  4. Pour the beer (or varied liquid), and water within the pot, attempting to now not tidy off the full spices from the meat.

  5. Enlighten the lid on the pot and lock in position. Build the steam open knob to sealing.

  6. Press the Stress Cook/Book button, or dial, after which the +/- button or dial to make a selection 90 minutes, and construct sure it’s miles place to Excessive stress.

  7. When cooking cycle is carried out, flip off the pot and let it sit undisturbed for Quarter-hour (15 minute pure open). Then manually open the final steam (slowly first and indispensable, briefly bursts so handiest steam will spew from the vent) till the pin within the lid drops down. Then open the lid and spend tongs to moderately spend away the meat to a dish, spoon among the crucial scorching cooking liquid over it and duvet to let it leisure.

  8. Add the carrots, potatoes, and cabbage to the pot and finish the lid, place it to sealing, and place the cook time for 3 minutes. When finished, attain a controlled Rapidly Originate (slowly first and indispensable, briefly bursts so handiest steam will spew from the vent) when the cook cycle is carried out.

  9. Nick the brisket against the grain for essentially the most soft and simple to eat meat. Then position the meat and greens in a dish with sufficient cooking liquid poured over to construct it high-quality and juicy.

  10. Reduction with some crusty bread to sop up that very perfect broth!

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