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Mix-And-Match Granola

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There are a zillion systems to develop granola and nearly as many systems to exhaust it. Listed below are a number of fun suggestions to defend shut the crunchy cereal out of the bowl.

  1. Breakfast baked goods: Toss a handful of granola into your muffin or pancake batter to add texture and crunch, or develop your possess granola bars.
  2. Salads: Employ this chef trick and sprinkle salty-sweet granola over salads. The crispy garnish is extra healthy with naturally sweet veggies, care for snap peas or roasted carrots.
  3. Gratins: As a replace of breadcrumbs, prime a root vegetable gratin with granola after baking.
  4. Fruit crisps: In a food processor, pulse granola with softened butter, flour, and sugar for a assorted roughly streusel topping.
  5. Puddings: Bring the yogurt parfait into the 21st century and sprinkle granola over your chia seed pudding.
  6. Cookies: Flip your coffee partner staunch into a mountain climbing snack by collectively with granola to biscotti or assorted cookie dough.
  7. Pie crust: Riff on the Rice Krispie Take care of for a granola and marshmallow pie crust, or skip the marshmallows and merely combine with butter and oil.
  8. Path mix: Toss granola with chocolate chips and further nuts and dried fruit for a snappy vitality-boosting snack.
  9. Cupcakes: Sprinkle it on prime of the frosting for a minute bit crunch.

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