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‘glop’ Aka Hastily Pork Stroganoff

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I’m a graphic designer. I enjoy art work, gourmet cooking, crafts, scrapbooking, stamping, crosstitch, and learning.

I enjoy the Company’s coming collection of cookbooks.

I belong to a Gourmet membership from our church. There are 8 (plus a spare) of us women who love to prepare dinner, and 4 clubs on the dash. We’re the distinctive “Hags” and the oldest bunch.
How it in actuality works: The hostess plans the menu, finds and prints up the recipes and supplies one menu to every woman. She also supplies the table surroundings, wine, prepares the punch, and does the dishes. We simplest occupy to create this as soon as a year!

The others prepare the recipe assigned to them, both at dwelling, or at the hostesses dwelling. We create this 8 times a year, every of us taking a turn web hosting, and making ready every kind of dish, for the length of the months from September to April.
We prepare: Punch, Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Meat, Potato, (pasta or rice) Vegetable and Dessert.

In June we dash away for 3 or 4 days, to a cottage or to Mattress and Breakfast it, and we store til we fall, and like huge meals.
We occupy so noteworthy fun collectively, and occupy change into fabulous pals.
I extremely counsel it!

The first time away used to be stop to the American Flag Day, and we jokingly called ourselves Hags on Flag Day, which bought shortened to Hag Day, which is now just a few days away. That’s why we’re called the “Hags”!

I’m now cooking at the church as soon as per week, with my friend, CrinV. We prepare dinner neatly collectively, and occupy a good time cooking for 60 – 80 other folks every Wednesday.

We also, with a kind of lend a hand, save on a Gourmet restaurant vogue meal as soon as a year, as a fundraiser.

Recipezaar has been a huge lend a hand in menu planning and searching record making for all of our cooking wants.

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