Freeman Allen’s Carrot Cake  Freeman Allen’s Carrot Cake 12257 freeman allens carrot cake

Freeman Allen’s Carrot Cake

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Gorgeous, extremely moist and gleaming cake! I made some little adjustments, substituting brown sugar for white sugar, striking handiest a splash of cinnamon, adding a splash of cardamom and extending the amount of vanilla to 3 tsp.I needed a bit less fat so I attach handiest 1 cup sunflower oil and made up the amount with orange juice, added some grated orange peel, and doubled the amount of nuts (walnuts). Also I became very outlandish to strive the “orange cream cheese frosting” recipe by Rita L, so I tried it on this cake and I must instruct they trot collectively wonderfully! I’m sorry I made so many adjustments (;P) on the opposite hand everyone surely loved this cake, thank you for posting!(P.S. I took an image of this cake, I hope I arrange to submit it!)

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