Easy One-Bowl Oatmeal Cookies Recipe  Easy One-Bowl Oatmeal Cookies Recipe 14323 easy one bowl oatmeal cookies recipe

Easy One-Bowl Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

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Why This Recipe Works

  • Warm butter provides moisture to hydrate the oats, which thicken the dough after a temporary leisure.
  • Dried cranberries or cherries steadiness the wonder of the dough.
  • Feeble all-purpose flour provides the edifying starch and protein snort for cushy cookies that unfold as they’ll also simply level-headed, so defend away from unbleached alternate strategies.

I’m absolutely indiscriminate about simply cookies. Rapid, chewy, sandy, crispy—whatever it is a long way, I would possibly rob two. I luxuriate in making macarons, and florentines, and Oreos, and fussy cookies that rob all day. I fabricate no longer mind busting out a fabric veil to painstakingly roll out my aunt Donna’s pepparkakor, and it is no wretchedness to defend uncooked cane sugar readily on hand for absurdly edifying gingersnaps.

And yet, I salvage myself making oatmeal cookies bigger than any other. After I’m at dwelling, the whole lot else looks luxuriate in Schrödinger’s cookie: an gripping chance. But oatmeal cookies are so accurate I’m able to scent them, and after I’ve got that butterscotch-y aroma in mind, I’m able to taste them. Warm and gentle and chewy and crisp spherical the perimeters.

Severe Eats / Vicky Wasik

When it gets to the level that I’m fantasizing about imaginary cookies, I’m midway to the kitchen.

The wild and unpredictable onset of my craving has taught me lots about oatmeal cookies, because it makes me impatient. On the one hand, it is helped me procure a one-bowl recipe that comes together as hasty as I’m able to scale the substances. On the change, it is shown me that definite corners refuse to be slash.

When Is Butter Melted Correct Correct?

The indispensable is melted butter, and miniature child Goldilocks has to procure issues simply appropriate. Too cool, and the grainy dough refuses to unfold. Too hot, and it is an oily mess that oozes in a puddle (though acknowledged puddle is tasty, all butterscotch-y and crisp). But when the butter is warm and fluid, about 105°F (41°C), give or rob five degrees, the whole lot’s edifying.

Sugar dissolves a bit in the warmth, while rolled oats and flour take in the water, making a dough that’s cushy and simple to address. The cookies themselves bake up chewy and crisp, though the first tray has always regarded more irregular than the second, which by no technique me at all. I figured it had something to realize with dough temperature, and the urgency of my cravings cared nothing for aesthetics. To this level as I became concerned, it became a cook dinner’s take care of: these funky, unpresentable bits that are always scarfed while you stand at the stove. I kept the uglies for myself and despatched the beauties to guests and neighbors.

Extra on the whole than no longer.

Resting the Batter Is Key

In the end, my oatmeal cookie fascination got the simpler of me, and I stole a chunk from the second tray. A light-weight shone all spherical, and I basked in the glory of revelation: It wasn’t the dough temperature, it became the oats!

Whether or no longer extinct-long-established or thick-slash, rolled oats are made by roasting and steaming whole oat groats, then sending them thru a roller. (Imprecise knowledge bomb—quick oats are made the the same manner, but with metal-slash oats.) At the least, steam does something inspiring: It pre-gelatinizes the starch, making rolled oats soluble in cool water.

That lets them swell up with moisture from the dough, and when grains swell, they soften. So the oats in the second batch accumulate tenderer, the dough gets thicker, and each person but me gets an even bigger cookie. Oh, the irony of my impatience!

Since then, I’ve learned that edifying oatmeal cookies are worth the wait. Twenty-five minutes (roughly the time that passes between adding the oats and getting my second tray in the oven) of resting time is passable to search spherical a clear enchancment; forty five is even better. After an hour, the baking soda begins to lose its strength, but you level-headed can also simply no longer witness any detrimental attain on your cookies except about the 90-minute stamp. Retaining the dough overnight is out of the overview.

That is k, though. You will possible be making them yet again rapidly passable.

PS: Swap out outmoded raisins for tart dried cranberries or cherries. They steadiness out the wonder of the cookies so considerably better.

December 2015

Easy One-Bowl Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Thick and chewy, with crispy edges and butterscotch-y middles.

  • 6 oz. unsalted butter (1 1/2 sticks; 170g), fluid and warm—roughly 105°F (41°C)

  • 1 tablespoon (15ml) vanilla extract

  • 1 effectively-organized egg, cool (about 50g)

  • 7 oz. light brown sugar (3/4 cup, gently packed; 200g)

  • 7 oz. white sugar (1 cup; 200g)

  • 2 teaspoons Diamond Crystal kosher salt; half as powerful by volume if using desk salt (7g of either kosher or desk salt by weight)

  • 1 teaspoon (3g) ground cinnamon

  • 1/2 teaspoon (3g) baking soda

  • 7 oz. extinct long-established rolled oats—no longer rapid-cooking or quick (2 cups; 200g)

  • 6 oz. all-purpose flour, no longer unbleached (1 1/4 cups; 170g)

  • 7 oz. dried cranberries or cherries (1 1/4 cups; 200g)

  1. Alter oven rack to center space, preheat to 350°F (180°C), and line 2 rimmed baking sheets with parchment (no longer wax paper).

  2. Combine butter, vanilla, egg, brown sugar, white sugar, kosher salt, cinnamon, and baking soda in a medium bowl. Proceed except no lumps live, then fold in rolled oats, adopted by the flour and dried cranberries or cherries. Divide into 30 one-ounce portions with a roughly 2-tablespoon scoop and arrange on willing baking sheets. Let stand at room temperature for no lower than 25 minutes, no bigger than 75 minutes.

  3. Bake except pale gold spherical the perimeters, but level-headed puffed and steamy in the center, about Quarter-hour. Frigid straight on baking sheets except company, about 10 minutes. Trip warm, or store in an airtight container up to three days at room temperature.

Special Equipment

#30 or #40 cookie scoop, 2 rimmed baking sheets


If the temperature drops under 70°F (21°C) on your kitchen, the cookie dough can also simply solidify because it rests. If conceivable, net page the trays of cookie dough on the stovetop, where heat from the oven will knock off the nippiness.

Attributable to the melted butter that brings the baking soda in contact with brown sugar, this dough won’t defend overnight in the fridge.

On this recipe, unbleached flour will stop the dough from spreading because it will also simply level-headed.

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