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Crimson meat Stew with Beer

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Trade your Gmail password in your Android cellphone

This is out of the realm of what I veritably blog about. At any time after I switch my email password on my Gmail legend I salvage locked out and can’t remember the vogue to interchange it. Then, I wish to search online,  search settings on my cellphone, check Enormous Daddy or name the local cell cellphone retailer. Correct check Enormous Daddy, I dislike having to name someone…effectively, with the exception of him. I love calling him with one thing love, “Enact you mediate fried inexperienced tomatoes shall be valid on a burger? But, don’t you mediate it also needs some form of luxuriate in or other topping?” Then we launch in to a 15 minute burger condiment conversation.

I digress. So closing time I used to be going to be so trim and write directions down for myself on the vogue to interchange the password on my cell cellphone. I used to be so trim, essentially, that I’m in a position to’t remember the do I put the directions….someplace with password protection, absolute self assurance! So this is as worthy for me as it is a ways for you, since you perchance can very effectively already perceive how to interchange your password or don’t switch your password, but belief me, must you discontinue need directions you’ll be calling to thank me! Anywho, right here goes…

Trade your password

  1. Tap the Gmail icon on the bottom of your veil veil. In the pic above, it’s second from factual with a 9 on it.
  2. On the bottom of your cellphone, very left will be an icon that appears to be like love a fraction of paper. It has two traces on it. Tap it.
  3. A pop-up window will seem. Tap More; it has a circle with a triangle in it.
  4. Tap Yarn Settings.
  5. Roll up till you peep Incoming Settings (I know, SO RANDOM!) Tap it.
  6. Ta-da! Your user name will be pre-filled on the head. The second line may be the password. Form in your new password.
  7. Tap next at bottom of the veil veil.
  8. Refresh Gmail.

You’re valid to head!!

UPDATE April 2014 for Android 4.0+ S4

  1. Start Gmail in your cellphone
  2. Tap the Bottom left (now not on the veil veil)
  3. A tab comes up with – Refresh, Model settings, Settings, Send recommendations, Wait on
  4. Click on Wait on
  5. This takes you to the uncover
  6. It is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe well perchance net 5 choices, click the closing one “Settings and Troubleshooting”
  7. One other menu pops up, click “Trade your password”
  8. Click on accounts,
  9. Form most in vogue password
  10. Form new password
  11. Tap “switch password”

That’s all. Your password is now modified in your Android 4.0 tool

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