Crimson meat Cheek and Crimson Wine Ragu  Crimson meat Cheek and Crimson Wine Ragu 14253 crimson meat cheek and crimson wine ragu

Crimson meat Cheek and Crimson Wine Ragu

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“My partner’s incredible ragu recipe that we made for dinner tonight. Pale squid ink linguinie for colour distinction.”

Ready In:
2hrs 22mins



  • 2

    beef cheeks

  • 1

    onion, diced

  • 4

    crimson carrots, diced

  • 2

    garlic cloves, crushed

  • 1 58

    kg diced Italian tomatoes

  • 5

    g current thyme

  • 0.5

    (700 ml) bottle crimson wine (makes an amazing filthy rich sauce)

  • 1

    tablespoon tomato paste

  • 1

    teaspoon olive oil

  • 500

    g pasta


  • Heat the oil in a Substantial Tension Cooker.
  • Brown the meat and onions.
  • Brown the garlic.
  • Add the wine and let it decrease about 50%.
  • Add the thyme, tomatos, tomato paste and carrots.
  • Assign the cooker on high surroundings and high warmth on the range high and articulate to tension.
  • Lower warmth to low and cook for at LEAST 90 minutes. (120 minutes is healthier even supposing).
  • Steal away the meat from the cooker and place in a bowl, shred the meat with two forks, (this step can also no longer be nessessary when you cook for longer.).
  • Return the meat to the cooker after which decrease till sauce is thick.
  • In the period in-between, whereas reducing the sauce, obtain your pasta cooking.
  • While you are proud of the sauce and the pasta is engaging, aid and obtain pleasure from!
  • Would possibly per chance well perhaps perhaps obtain to you are the employ of a crockpot/slowcooker, leave on low warmth for 14 hours.

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