Crimson meat bone marrow noodle soup

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With meagre meat and only scallions for greens, this sluggish cooker bone marrow soup is mainly bone broth served with the bone so as that the marrow will be scooped out with a spoon for optimal skills.

A decade ago, bone marrow used to be untouchable as a fatty organ meat that used to be declared unhealthy and unfit for human consumption. Enter keto diet and bone marrow modified into wholesome and scrumptious.

We’ve been taking part in bone marrow long before the phrase “keto diet” used to be coined. Basically, I’ve been ingesting bone marrow since I was somewhat girl. I drizzled a mixture of fish sauce and calamansi juice straight away into the fatty mass and scooped it with a spoon. I beloved it then; I undoubtedly admire it tranquil.

This is one among those recipes that my older daughter, Sam, would name a no-brainer. Supreme establish the bones in the sluggish cooker, add spices and seasonings, activate the sluggish cooker and run to sleep. Must you win up the next day, it’s ready.

Three beef shank bones with uncovered marrow in sluggish cooker

Are the bones cooked in water or broth? Supreme frightful water. The sluggish cooking will turn the water into broth. If this were a stew, I’d opt for broth for the cooking liquid, nonetheless that is a soup and cooking the bones in broth may well maybe maybe result in one thing too rich that it’s already overwhelming. So, lawful water.

The cooking liquid is tasted after the bones were scooped out and transferred into bowls. Seasonings are adjusted to kind particular it tastes ultimate.

Now, the dining fragment. Will a spoon fit into the bone’s cavity? That relies on the dimension of the bone and the cavity. If the diameter of the cavity is narrower than the width of a soup spoon, present a teaspoon (one with a protracted handle is perfect) for scooping out the marrow.

And if the cavity is narrower than the width of a teaspoon? Neatly, you may well maybe maybe need got two choices:

1. Present a wood spatula—the kind the accompanies ice cream—or a popsicle stick.

2. Something I’ve never tried nonetheless absorb seen on social media and TV shows—a huge ingesting straw. As one more of scooping out the marrow, it’d be sipped.

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For most efficient results, steal beef shank bones with one cease closed. That ability, the marrow stays inside of even when the bones tumble sideways throughout cooking.

Bone marrow soup garnished with scallions

Prep Time 2 mins

Cook dinner Time 12 hrs

Total Time 12 hrs 2 mins

Course Soup

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  • Set the meat shank bones in the sluggish cooker. If one facet is closed and the a mode of facet originate with the marrow uncovered, contrivance the bones closed facet down to cease the marrow from falling out.

  • Add the garlic cloves, onion halves, rosemary, salt and pepper to the bones.

  • Pour in a single and a half to two liters of water (reckoning on the dimension of your sluggish cooker).

  • Position the sluggish cooker on LOW and leave for twelve hours.

  • Set the meat shank bones in soup bowls.

  • Taste the broth; add more salt and pepper, if considerable. Force.

  • Pour strained broth over the meat shank bones.

  • Sprinkle in finely sliced scallions before serving your no-frills sluggish cooker beef bone marrow soup.

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