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Chocolate Banana Mug Cake

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This Chocolate Banana Mug Cake is a transient and wholesome methodology to curb your chocolate craving. Bonus: it simplest takes minutes to create!

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What is the top flavor combination on this planet? Clearly something with chocolate, however what else? Chocolate+peanut butter, chocolate+coconut; those are two of my favourite for advantageous, however one other favourite is perhaps chocolate+banana. I be conscious after I became once youthful I feeble to switch to the annual gorgeous back in Ohio and derive a chocolate covered banana yearly attributable to they had been too correct to pass up. So, why no longer create a easy mug cake with that flavor combination?

I’ve made about a various mug cake recipes and I ceaselessly delight in them. Mug muffins are the obedient single wait on dessert and ideal for after I’m craving sweets however don’t need to overdo it. With that being said, I’m NOT a baker. Baking scares me. I’m panicked to add too noteworthy flour/salt/baking soda/baking powder etc., so I became once overjoyed that this recipe turned out on the SECOND strive. Woohoo!


  • banana
  • whole wheat flour
  • cocoa
  • sugar
  • milk
  • chocolate chips

This microwave banana mug cake will preserve you no longer than three minutes to create, and in a while the top element you are going to need to smooth is a mug and perhaps about a measuring spoons. Nothing is more healthy than a transient smooth-up. NOTHING. Enough you are appropriate–or no longer it is second top after a scrumptious save-it-yourself chocolate banana mug cake.


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In account for to create a mug cake, you are going to need a microwave-honorable mug. It sounds fancy a no brainer, however no longer all mugs are, so create obvious yours is sooner than you create this recipe. Upon getting that, you are going to mash the ripe banana in the bottom of the mug, then mix all of the dry ingredients MINUS the chocolate chips along with the banana. Next, scamper in the milk so that all the ingredients are combined. Which capacity that, you are going to need to agree with something that resembles cake batter.

Now, you are going to microwave the cake for roughly forty five seconds or till the cake is decided. This banana mug cake recipe is egg-free, so or no longer it is good ample if or no longer it is a small bit underneath-baked. Last, sprinkle some chocolate chips on top for that extra goodness.

Chocolate Banana Mug Cake  Chocolate Banana Mug Cake Chocolate Banana Mug Cake 6 683x1024

This entire cake could well perhaps preserve in a whole 9 minutes of your time: 3 minutes to put collectively, 3 minutes to exercise and a 3 minute smooth up. Plus, or no longer it is wholesome and scrumptious—what’s going to be larger?


  • almond banana bread
  • paleo banana bread
  • 2-ingredient banana advantageous cream

Chocolate Banana Mug Cake made in underneath 5 minutes! |  Chocolate Banana Mug Cake Chocolate Banana Mug Cake PIN 225x225

Chocolate Banana Mug Cake

This chocolate banana mug cake is good for those chocolate cravings and nonetheless beautiful wholesome. Agree with-rating!


Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook dinner Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 6 minutes

Servings: 1


  • ½ ripe banana
  • 2 tablespoon whole wheat flour
  • 2 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa
  • 3 teaspoon sugar
  • teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 tablespoon milk any form will work
  • Handful of chocolate chips elective


  • Mash the banana into the bottom of a mug.

  • Pour flour, cocoa, sugar, and baking soda overtop; mix along with the banana.

  • Add milk; mix all the pieces collectively.

  • Shriek in the microwave for forty five seconds; preserve out and add chocolate chips on top. Bask in!

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Q: Own in the smooth: chocolate+_________=top flavor combination. Agree with you ever made a mug cake? If no longer, you MUST–they are so easy.

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