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Champurrado (Mexican Hot Chocolate and Corn Drink) Recipe

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Why This Recipe Works

  • Utilizing masa harina para tortillas (finely ground masa) permits for the smoothest atole.
  • You bask in find an eye on of the thickness and sweetness of the atole by adjusting the amount of water and sugar.

I keep in mind, all over the frigid weather of 2003, when Ed Levine wrote a manual to the precise hot goodies in New York Metropolis. I clipped out the article and worked my contrivance via his listing, visiting simply about every house he suggested. His picks were thick and rich, intensely chocolatey—extra take care of melted bars of chocolate in a cup than heated milk flavored with cocoa powder, and I loved each one in every of them. Nevertheless the one I drank again and again used to be a Mexican-inspired rendition with chile and spice from Jacques Torres’s chocolate shop in DUMBO. I worked down on the Brooklyn waterfront on the time, and after Ed’s article got here out, I’d hop on my bike nearly day to day around lunchtime and accelerate up Furman Boulevard, which runs alongside the piers under the Brooklyn-Queens Parkway and is, all over the frigid weather months, a blisteringly cold wind-tunnel. Half-frozen, I’d do away with myself a cup, then accelerate aid with it in a single hand, stopping every block or so that you might find a sip, its combination of proper warmth and spice warmth making the frigid air appear take care of a cooling shuffle.

For years, that bask in has lingered as my all-time favorite for hot chocolate. No longer anymore.

Fair not too long previously, I’ve change into hooked in to Mexican atoles: hot drinks thickened with corn and flavored with simply about one thing else you might presumably presumably also factor in. The gateway atole, a minimal of for me, is the chocolate one known as champurrado, and it has rapid eclipsed the final varied hot goodies I’ve tried.

As soon as I fell for champurrado, it didn’t find long for my take care of to amplify to varied flavors of atole. Now I’m not sure which one I’d find as a favorite. Peanut is with out problems in the working, nevertheless fruit flavors, take care of the orange one I fragment here, can also find too. In fact, although, screw the premise of rating them. The great thing about atole is in the that you might presumably presumably also factor in variations. Thanks to that differ, my frigid weather hot-beverage drinking has gotten a total bunch extra sharp… and appetizing.

What Is Atole?

In its simplest bear, atole (typically spelled atol) is made by cooking ground field corn (not the sweet corn we eat on the cob) in water to bear a thick, hot beverage. Whereas Mexican-food authority Diana Kennedy says that expedient atole is made straight away from dried corn kernels, which require an overnight soak forward of grinding and cooking, most recipes name for masa, the corn dough typically old vogue for tortillas and tamales that has been nixtamalized (i.e., soaked with lime mineral, which improves its diet and health benefits).

It be a favored breakfast and cold-weather drink in Mexico, because it has been for hundreds—and presumably thousands—of years. Diversified versions can also moreover be stumbled on all over Mexico, and span the sweet-to-appetizing spectrum, collectively with fruit flavors take care of blackberry and pineapple, nut flavors take care of peanut and pecan, and unsweetened ones take care of chile; milk is usually added as neatly for a richer taste.

My recipes here name for masa harina, a flour made of nixtamalized corn that rehydrates straight away in water. It be worth declaring that, unlike my tamale pie recipe, the masa you wish here is supposed for tortillas—or not it’s ground extra finely.

I’ve efficiently made atoles from the extra coarsely ground masa harina para tamales, nevertheless it absolutely requires blending forward of serving or will in any other case bask in a grainy texture—the masa harina para tortillas doesn’t require that step.

Additionally, you will seek some recipes online that name for cornstarch, nevertheless I bear not suggest following them: In an are attempting and develop the recipe work for fogeys that can’t fetch masa harina or are too indolent to seek it out (at this point or not it’s extensively available in the States, and can also moreover be ordered online in those areas where it’s not easy to search out), they’ve long past one step too some distance; cornstarch thickens nevertheless doesn’t bring any of the sizable corn flavor that makes atoles worth drinking.

Nevertheless Wait, Who the Heck Wants to Drink Corn??

Since I started making atoles at house, I’ve been raving to anybody who will hear about simply how sizable they are. And I’ve noticed that as quickly as I mention the corn allotment, a glimmer of uncertainty flashes at some point soon of most other folks’s eyes. Why, exactly, would I are trying to drink corn? I can seek them pondering.

The short resolution is due to the or not it’s appetizing. Nevertheless I do know that is not a convincing adequate resolution. So here’s a extra particular perspective which can also work: Achieve you take care of Cocoa Puffs cereal? Achieve you take care of Corn Pops? Does a bowl of Reese’s Puffs attract you? What about Fruit Loops?

Effectively, all of those cereals are made of corn that is flavored with varied stuff. And, junkiness apart, they’re vivid darn tasty. Now, I do know any other folks reading this can bask in answered no to the questions above. They’d dispute that those cereals are contrivance too sweet and synthetic tasting. That is stunning (although I proudly admit they’re a guilty pleasure of mine). Nevertheless that is the shock of atoles: You develop them the usage of powerful less processed ingredients, and can sweeten them expedient as powerful as you’d take care of. Essentially, my recipes are all very evenly sweetened, since I bear not bask in a excellent sweet enamel.

“Frankly, all those chefs doing cereal-infused milks to develop ice cream and varied cakes? They’re kinda late to the net collectively.”

I’d argue that Mexicans had been contrivance sooner than the breakfast-cereal curve, making these stylish cereal-take care of flavors for ages in the bear of powerful extra wholesome atoles. Frankly, all those chefs doing cereal-infused milks to develop ice cream and varied cakes? They’re kinda late to the net collectively, whilst you find into consideration what an atole is and the contrivance long or not it has been around.

Atoles, although, hotfoot contrivance beyond simply being take care of breakfast cereal. Within the case of champurrado, or not it’s simply referring to the thickest, richest hot chocolate you bask in ever had, yet it must also not develop you truly feel unwell after drinking a total mug since powerful of that thickness and richness comes from the corn—not a few dairy and chocolate.

Thanks to the thickening properties of the corn, atoles are also loads take care of drinkable pudding. Essentially, whilst you occur to let them chilly, they’ll house simply take care of a pudding (tip: with the exception of the skin that kinds on high, they’re vivid tasty eaten with a spoon as soon as they’ve cooled).

So, why would you wish a hot corn drink? On account of who wouldn’t are trying to drink a mash-up of pudding, hot chocolate, and breakfast cereal, made with easy, minimally-processed ingredients?

Vicky Wasik

Champurrado is the chocolate flavor that modified into me on to atoles, and I can’t net adequate of it. I start by whisking water into the masa harina over medium warmth, collectively with the water little by little as I accelerate to lead clear of forming lumps.

It is some distance going to battle via a fraction where the combination appears to be like take care of doughy clumps, nevertheless whilst you occur so as to add the water gradually and find whisking, you’re going to soft it out. Reversing this step and dumping the masa flour into the water will verbalize lumps, which is ready to be blended out later, nevertheless it absolutely’s an pointless extra step.

There we hotfoot, seek what I suggest? Now or not it’s soft. I raise this to a simmer, whisking persistently to end it from burning on the backside of the pot.

I bear the immoral by whisking in total milk so as to add richness. As soon as or not it’s ready, I add a advantageous pinch of salt: I cherish the mix of salty and sweet flavors, and I fetch that, given the appetizing personality of corn, it truly works neatly here.

Next I accelerate in some chocolate and brown sugar. Traditionally, this would be Mexican chocolate and piloncillo (Mexican unrefined cane sugar; for a uncover at how or not it’s made, find a uncover at Kenji’s on the aid of-the-scenes tour of a Colombian panela factory, which is truly the same stuff), nevertheless I attain for darkish brown sugar and any darkish chocolate, which offers me a terribly deep chocolate flavor with out having to make utilize of a ton of it. I also add some cinnamon sticks (or ground cinnamon) and let it simmer.

The final step is to skinny the combination with water to your required consistency. I take care of my champurrado somewhat thick, which makes it appear take care of so powerful extra of an indulgence, nevertheless you might presumably presumably also add as powerful water as appeals to you.

In Mexico, the drink is usually frothed a cramped with a wood accelerate is named a molinillo. If you occur to’ve one, truly feel free to make utilize of it. If not, an immersion blender does an nice looking job, nevertheless whilst you occur to bear not bask in one, you might presumably presumably also simply give it a simply beating with the wire accelerate you bask in already been the usage of to develop the drink.

After frothing it to your liking, pour the champurrado into cups and back, nevertheless peer out—these hot, thick drinks find warmth take care of crazy, and whilst you occur to find too excellent of a swig, you are gonna burn your mouth. Sip it gingerly.

  • 1/2 cup masa harina para tortillas

  • 3 cups water, plus extra as wanted (seek notes)

  • 1 cup milk

  • 3 1/2 ounces darkish chocolate, broken into items

  • 3 tablespoons darkish brown sugar

  • 1 cinnamon stick or 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  • Kosher salt

  1. In a gigantic saucepan, add masa and house over medium warmth. Directly add water in a late, skinny stream while whisking persistently to lead clear of lumps. Bring to a simmer and accelerate in milk, chocolate, brown sugar, and a advantageous pinch of salt unless chocolate is melted, about 1 minute. Add cinnamon.

  2. Return to a simmer and lower warmth to low. Continue to simmer gently, whisking persistently, for 5 minutes. Discard cinnamon stick, if the usage of. Skinny with extra water, as wanted, to design a thick-yet-drinkable hot beverage (the proper consistency is a matter of private taste, seek present), reheating as critical. Style, collectively with extra sugar or salt if desired. Froth with a accelerate or immersion blender, then ladle into mugs, and back.


Exactly how powerful water and sugar you add will opt the final consistency and sweetness of the drink. This recipe produces a reasonably thick, rich drink that is mildly sweet. Additionally, you will add extra water and sugar whilst you occur to would take care of a thinner, sweeter version.

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