Beef-wrapped Asparagus With Teriyaki Sauce  Beef-wrapped Asparagus With Teriyaki Sauce 13731 beef wrapped asparagus with teriyaki sauce

Beef-wrapped Asparagus With Teriyaki Sauce

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Small one asparagus are wrapped in sukiyaki-decrease pork, floured, browned and simmered in teriyaki sauce. Topped with toasted sesame seeds, teriyaki pork rolls get a ideal appetizer.

You’ll derive somewhat about a versions of meat-wrapped asparagus cooked in teriyaki (or identical) sauce on the web. In diverse of them, strips of pork (decrease love bacon rashers) are hurt around the asparagus.

For this recipe, I mature sukiyaki-decrease pork, sliced love ham nonetheless thinner, to get wrapping more straightforward and to make certain the pork cooks in most attention-grabbing a short while.

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Because right here is a meals weblog and optics are paramount, I opted to leave the pointers of the asparagus spears uncovered. You don’t must. You would possibly well possibly also wrap the spears fully with the pork slices.

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Cooking contains two steps. The first is browning the pork in a minute oil to supply it texture. And, to make certain the sauce will stick higher to the meat later, the pork is lined with a a minute of rice flour sooner than the rolls are dropped into the frying pan.

Braising browned pork-wrapped asparagus in ginger teriyaki sauce  Beef-wrapped Asparagus With Teriyaki Sauce teriyaki beef rolls 5

The half of-cooked pork rolls are scooped out and the teriyaki sauce is poured into the pan along with grated ginger (optionally obtainable nonetheless suggested). The browned pork and asparagus rolls are arranged in a single layer in the simmering sauce and cooked accurate lengthy sufficient for the meat to soak up the full sauce. By the purpose that happens, the pork and asparagus will doubtless be cooked through.

Beef and asparagus rolls with ginger teriyaki sauce

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Ginger is no longer a primitive component of teriyaki sauce, nonetheless it does give this dish a refined warmth that makes it even more delectable.

Beef and asparagus rolls with ginger teriyaki sauce  Beef-wrapped Asparagus With Teriyaki Sauce teriyaki beef rolls

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook dinner Time 10 minutes

Whole Time 20 minutes

Route Important Route

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  • 200 grams toddler asparagus
  • 250 grams sukiyaki-decrease pork
  • 2 tablespoons rice flourcorn starch will manufacture too
  • 2 tablespoons sake
  • 2 tablespoons mirin
  • 2 tablespoons light soy sauce
  • ½ teaspoon grated gingeroptionally obtainable
  • cooking oilfor frying
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds


  • Rinse and wipe dry the toddler asparagus.

  • Space a nick of sukiyaki-decrease pork flat to your work surface. Space three objects of toddler asparagus on the brink come you. Roll the pork carefully (don’t plug them with heavy hands!) to seal the asparagus. Repeat till the full asparagus had been wrapped or till there are no pork slices left to wrap them with.

  • Organize the pork-wrapped asparagus aspect by aspect in a single layer.

  • Space one tablespoon of rice flour in a strainer. Abet the strainer above the leftmost wrapped asparagus and, while transferring the strainer slowly in opposition to the accurate, faucet gently.

  • Turn the pork-wrapped asparagus over. Repeat the flouring plot with the final rice flour.

  • Construct the teriyaki sauce. Mix collectively the sake, mirin, soy sauce, and the optionally obtainable ginger, if utilizing.

  • Heat sufficient cooking oil in a pan to reach a depth of one-fourth meander.

  • Fry the pork-wrapped asparagus in batches of 4 or five. DO NOT overcook them. Simply brown and sear then scoop out and cross to a plate.

  • When the full wrapped asparagus had been browned and seared, pour the teriyaki sauce in the pan. Boil gently for a minute.

  • Organize the fried pork-wrapped asparagus in the pan in a single layer. Cook dinner over excessive warmth, rolling them in the sauce, till the meat has soaked up the full sauce.

  • Transfer the pork-wrapped asparagus to a plate. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and relief as we insist.

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