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Shrimp & Crab Gumbo

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What Is Gumbo?

Gumbo is a stew and the legitimate say dish of Louisiana. Whereas there are some regional adaptations, the dish most regularly involves broth, seafood (love tiny) and/or meat, andouille sausage, a mix of vegetables identified as the “holy trinity” (celery, bell peppers and onions) and is thickened either by a toasted roux, unusual okra and/or gumbo filé powder. It’s some distance deeply flavorful with its roots combining ingredients of European, African and Native American cuisines. Gumbo is most regularly served with rice which helps sop up the rich combination of flavors.

How We Made Rooster & Shrimp Gumbo Healthy

1) Gumbo is most regularly thickened with a roux which is a cooked combination of flour and elephantine (frequently oil within the case of gumbo). The roux in gumbo is cooked except the coloration is a deep, darkish brown which helps yelp a distinctly nutty taste to the dish. In our version, we toasted flour without the butter and old it to coat the “holy trinity” of vegetables that cook in correct one tablespoon of oil. This helps enact the classic toasted taste while slashing saturated elephantine and energy.

2) Andouille sausage provides that signature, smoky taste to gumbo, but it surely additionally provides an true deal of sodium to the dish. We bulk up the protein in our gumbo with a mix of lower-sodium chicken and tiny with smaller portions of andouille sausage. You proceed to gain the classic, smoky taste from the sausage while additionally keeping sodium in study. To lower the sodium even extra, study the pricetag and capture tiny that hasn’t been treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STP) which is ready to capture the sodium phases by 250 mg per 100g of tiny. To search out out extra about what tiny to pick, study out our tiny buying data here.

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