Ingredients:6 ounces ketchup1 green pepper , diced10 ounces beef broth1-2 lb ground beef1 medium onion , diced2 (12 ounce) cans stewed tomatoes2 (12 ounce) cans mixed vegetables

“This is a delicious and satisfying soup I make often. It is from “A Taste of Myrtle Beach” cookbook, which features recipes from the area’s best restaurants. This soup is from Caroline’s Cafe. This also works very well in the crockpot. Just brown the ground beef and add everything else to the crockpot and let

Tender beef and a creamy mushroom sauce make this beef stroganoff recipe classic and flavorful. Marc Matsumoto of NoRecipes shares this recipe in a full post on the Fresh Tastes Blog. Ingredients1 tablespoon vegetable oil10 ounces beef (sirloin or fillet) cut into 1/3” wide strips1 tablespoon butter1 small onion, diced9 ounces button mushrooms halved (quarter

Home » Recipes » Salads » Roasted Corn Tabouli and Ode to Summer Corn This Roasted corn tabouli recipe is loaded with flavor and texture from seasonal sweet corn. It’s a perfect party and Summer potluck dish to bring and wow everyone with.  Roasted Corn Tabouli For some reason when August rolls around it feels

You guys may recall my participation with the Taste of Home Cooking School several months ago when I had the opportunity to join the Southern casino circuit for the brand and honestly, it was a ton of fun. Tiring, but lots of fun. I’ve now been to four different shows and the enthusiasm the culinary specialists

Ingredients:* egg large 4 (200g)* granulated sugar 1 cup (200g)* cake flour 1 1/2 cup (180g)* all purpose flour 1/2 cup (65g)* baking powder 2 teaspoon (10g)* salt 1 teaspoon (6g)* unsalted butter 1 stick (113g)* canned coconut milk 1 cup (237ml)* vanilla extract 1 teaspoon (5ml)* coconut extract 2 teaspoon (10ml)* sweetened flake coconut

“Okay there are probably lots of different versions of this recipe, But this one is the easiest your going to find! It uses up your leftover roast beef, and I have even used left over grilled steak. Serve it over egg noodles and it is sooo yummy. A family favorite of mine since I was

Ingredients:750.0 g silverside beef joint2.0 tbsp olive oil2.0 stick celery, chopped into large chunks3.0 carrots, chopped into large chunks2.0 onions, peeled and quartered3.0 clove of garlic, peeled and crushed300.0 ml red wine250.0 ml beef stock2.0 bay leaves1.0 tbsp dried oregano

Ingredients:FOR THE CAKE:½ cups Butter, Softened1-¼ cup Sugar2 whole Eggs2 cups Flour1 teaspoon Baking Powder1 teaspoon Salt¾ cups Milk¼ cups Water2 cups Blueberries, Fresh Or Frozen8 ounces, weight Cream Cheese, Cut Into 1/4 Inch Cubes_____FOR THE TOPPING:½ cups Flour½ cups Sugar2 Tablespoons Grated Lemoon Peel2 Tablespoons Butter, Softened

The ultimate soft batch, chewy chocolate chip sugar cookies fitted with holiday sprinkles then baked with soft centers and crispy edges. Sugar cookies are a classic dessert no matter what age or occasion.  I think we can all agree that both sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies are the most beloved cookie of all time and