House made Flour Tortillas

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    20 minutes
  • Cook time
    20 minutes
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On this recipe, handmade flour tortillas are made with a incredible tip that capacity that you just can form the tortilla with ease the usage of a tortilla press that would maybe most certainly on the total be ancient for making corn tortillas!

There are a couple of frequent methods to get hang of tortillas, and here is admittedly more of a technique than a recipe. I’ve gathered pointers from at some stage in, but hang stumbled on that I really hang a sizable tip of my have so that you just would possibly add.

As a result of the gluten in flour, flour tortillas are most ordinarily made by rolling out the dough with a rolling pin. That blueprint that I are inclined to lastly not sleep with tortillas formed treasure continents, my hand, and even hearts, relatively than soft circles.

Cake flour is lower in gluten and produces a really soft, flaky tortilla. The lower gluten train blueprint that the dough can spread easily in a tortilla press without snapping relieve as a dough made with all-cause flour would.

Practice this arrangement by the usage of a tortilla press, or strive the usage of cake flour the subsequent time you get hang of flour tortillas, even in the event you would maybe very successfully be the usage of the rolling pin technique — this would perhaps get hang of snappy work of this delectable contend with. —AngelinaLaRue

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WHO: AngelinaLaRue will most certainly be reasonably contemporary to Food52, but she is just not contemporary to tortilla-making.

WHAT: Light and pillowy tortillas that can — and would maybe most certainly — be eaten treasure pita, English desserts, and lavash. Flatbreads of the realm, unite.

HOW: Accumulate a old tortilla dough, but replace the all-cause flour with cake flour. Utilize a tortilla press lined with plastic wrap to form the tortillas, then cook dinner them on a hot griddle.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Comical-formed tortillas would maybe be endearing, but they additionally would maybe be frustrating. This ingenious technique for forming completely round flour tortillas the usage of cake flour and a tortilla press enables you to build away that pesky rolling pin, and it blueprint you’re going to hang neater tacos and quesadillas, too. And even in the event you get hang of not use a tortilla press (we did not!), the fluffiness of these tortillas is sufficient to get hang of this recipe special. —The Editors

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  • 2 cups

    cake flour

  • 1 teaspoon

    baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon


  • 3 tablespoons

    vegetable shortening

  • 3/4 cup

    warmth water

  1. In a mixing bowl, dash together flour, baking powder, and salt. Nick in shortening with your fingers till successfully integrated. Originate including water relatively at a time till you reach a mushy consistency, being cautious that the dough would not turn out to be too sticky.
  2. Flip dough out onto floured floor and knead for 2 minutes. Quilt dough with damp paper towel and let relaxation for quarter-hour. Divide dough into 8 balls and let them relaxation for a rapid time whereas you prepare the tortilla press.
  3. Preheat a griddle, comal, or cast-iron skillet over medium warmth.
  4. Shape the tortillas: Must you would maybe very successfully be the usage of a press, cut back off two objects of plastic wrap about the size of your tortilla press. (I treasure to scale relieve a quart-size zip-high freezer salvage apart to make use of relatively than plastic wrap, but both works successfully.) Lay one a part of plastic onto the backside plate of the press. Spray evenly with non-stick cooking spray (or coat evenly with oil). Situation one dough ball onto the center (or relatively higher) of the plate. Press with fingertips to flatten into relatively disk. Evenly spray the opposite a part of plastic with non-stick cooking spray and quandary on high of dough.
  5. Shut the tip plate over the dough and press the handle to flatten the dough. You might most certainly salvage it gaze out of the perimeters of the press. Peel off the tip plastic layer, and take away the tortilla with the backside plastic hooked up, laying all of it over your palm. Gently peel plastic relieve whereas draping the tortilla out over your other palm. (Separate the dough from the plastic by nudging it with your thumb, if need be, then peel the plastic off.) Must you get hang of not hang a tortilla press, you would maybe have interaction the more old route and use a rolling pin to roll out these tortillas.
  6. Situation the tortilla on the dry, preheated griddle, comal, or cast-iron skillet. When bubbles start to originate, continue cooking for approximately 30 seconds. Flip, and repeat. Proceed with each and every tortilla and protect them warmth in aluminum foil in the oven, notify at 200° F.

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