Green Bean Casserole (The Vegan, Gluten Free Sequel)

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This recipe has been up so a long way!

Allege over with my fresh model of this vegan green bean casserole.

When SFoodie requested me to write about my licensed Thanksgiving dish, I used to be honored to be belief to be with out a doubt one of their “licensed meals other folks of San Francisco.” Nonetheless it took me awhile to figure out what I wished to write about. My first inclination used to be to head with a dessert. Finally cakes are what I’m all about – especially on this here bloggity blog. So it used to be reasonably of a surprise (even to myself) to in the end settle on the unassuming grand maligned green bean casserole. Noteworthy extra surprising used to be, thru conditions, I made it vegan and gluten free and ended up liking it even MORE than the dairy model!

No longer your practical Green Bean Casserole.

I hesitated in writing up a blog put up about it, especially since Thanksgiving has already past. But enough other folks on twitter and in real existence (that’s “IRL” whereas you are a twitteraholic) requested me about my recipe with contemporary green beans and pan fried shallots that I felt enjoy I needed to write about it, even when it’s now not the plan of thing I assuredly put up on (the truth is, this green bean casserole isn’t even set within the oven, but made on a stovetop so I can’t even name it a baked appropriate, and clearly the title “casserole” is a misnomer, but oh smartly).

This Thanksgiving AJ and I ended up spending it down in Los angeles our friend’s Rita and Damon’s condo. We had been invited to a marriage ceremony on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend (that’s a memoir for one more put up) and so we called up Rita and Damon and requested within the event that they wouldn’t suggestions if we threw our annual Thanksgiving dinner down of their condo.

The estimable and extraordinary Rita and Damon.

AJ and I have a convention of ALWAYS records superhighway net net page hosting Thanksgiving dinner. It started a appropriate eight or nine years ago the put we had every thought and ever plan of making Thanksgiving dinner. But a friend (who shall dwell nameless) called us up to declare us that he used to be going to be in town. Then we made the error of letting him persuade us to fracture our Thanksgiving dinner to head to the one who he used to be planning to head to. Then, due to some misinformation on his pause, his dinner used to be cancelled at the last minute and he used to be invited to head to a friend of a friend’s dinner. Making us the friend of the friend of the friend. That’s one too many levels of separation for us. We bowed out but then had been left excessive and dry with out a Thanksgiving dinner. Sadness.

Rita and Damon’s kitchen is estimable!

We swore never to let that occur again. So every Thanksgiving, on the day of Thanksgiving, we obtain a huge dinner – no matter what number of of us show up. We’ve made dinner for appropriate kind the 2 of us, and we’ve made dinner for 11 other folks. Rita and Damon had been apt enough to let us proceed our tradition of their condo, taking up their kitchen and racy over all our mutual traffic.

AJ makes the turkey yearly. I am repeatedly in fear of it. This Twelve months’s 20 lb one used to be estimable.

AJ and I had pushed down on Tuesday evening with our automotive packed to the gills with Thanksgiving pots and pans and specialised kitchen tools that had been nervous Rita and Damon didn’t have (extra mountainous roaster, roasting rack, potato ricer. pastry blender. Four various thermometers, mortar and pestle and some various issues) and it used to be a soundless force down the 5 motorway, with itsy-bitsy traffic. Buying on Wednesday used to be reasonably irritating, especially as we got a late beginning up to the farmer’s market in Santa Monica, but after we arrived, the produce used to be bountiful and our baggage had been overflowing with estimable looking out vegetables and produce by the purpose the farmers had been packing up their stalls.

I had in the beginning deliberate on baking four cakes but sadly I didn’t bring down any extra pie tins and the pie tins that I had left at Rita and Damon’s from a earlier event we co-hosted down there with them had been left at a friend of theirs. I suggested Rita that because we very best had three pie tins now not four, she needed to expend between a sweet potato pie or a chocolate pecan pie, and to my astonishment, Rita (who loves chocolate higher than anybody else I know) deliberately and slowly articulated that she belief sweet potato will probably be a higher match for Thanksgiving. So I skipped the pecan pie.

So as that evening I bake my three dessert pies. Worn pumpkin spiced pie with whipped cream (I had obtain the pumpkin puree up in SF and iced up it and brought it down with me), a sweet potato southern comfort infused pie with meringue topping and an apple spiced pie with tumble dried fruit with vanilla ice cream (a variant of the apple slab pie that I dropped at an event the week prior to – one more put up for once more).

Humorous thing about the apples, when I sold them at the Farmer’s market, the actual person next to me used to be struggling (and I mean if truth be told struggling) with which varietal to grab for a pie, the granny smith or the red girls folks, strolling in a nervous agitated strategy. To clean him down, I grew to change into to him and suggested him to grab a bunch of various ones. He looked straight at me and then point clean requested me if I used to be a baker. And though I assuredly don’t inform that I am, I appropriate kind didn’t have the vitality to illustrate to him that I baked lots but wasn’t a apt baker, so I appropriate kind acknowledged confidently with out cease “Tremendous. I am.” He brightened up, sold a bunch of apples of all forms of forms and then grew to change into to me and thanked me by announcing “It’s so huge to obtain the belief of a apt! It’s why I enjoy to attain here to the Farmer’s Market!”

With that, he used to be off. As I sold my apples, the purveyor smiled at me, handed me my alternate and acknowledged in a enjoyable Chinese language accent “Thank you! Look you next week!”

And appropriate kind enjoy that. I used to be a local traditional who came to the farmer’s market. I enjoy it.

AJ and I spent all of Thursday morning and afternoon making meals. Rita and Damon, the rockstars that they’re, went to their family obligation dinners. Of path, they’d two mountainous dinners to head BEFORE our dinner started at 7pm. I used to be impressed that they had been left standing by the purpose they made it motivate to their residence. We had invited a slew of alternative folks over and about 10 other folks had been capable of obtain it to the Thanksgiving festivities.

Our full menu incorporated:

Herb Roasted Free Differ Natural Turkey

1st 1st Baron Beaverbrook Wrapped Goat Cheese Filled Dates*

Brown Butter Scallion Mashed Potatoes

Honey Glazed Rosemary Heirloom Carrots

Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin

Fresh Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole with Pan Fried Shallots

Maple Candied Yams with Streusel Topping

Rosemary Beer Bread

Buttermilk Cornbread

Apple Cider White Wine Gravy

Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Sauce

Spiced Oldschool Trend Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream

Sweet Potato Southern Comfort infused Pie with Meringue topping

Apple and Dried Tumble Fruit Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

*Our unimaginable friend Vicky and Frankie brought these over for appetizers! Which is a appropriate thing, as we invited every person over to enjoy spherical 7pm and didn’t discontinue bringing out the meals till 8:30pm.

the menu, it’s laborious to recount that I had fears that we wouldn’t have enough meals. This, obviously, is an ongoing difficulty of mine at any time when I throw a obtain collectively and you should possibly deem after making Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 10 years, I will probably be over that difficulty. But clearly I used to be now not.

The evening used to be estimable, with grand ingesting, laughing, extra ingesting, hilarity, and restful extra ingesting finally of the evening. I enjoy that AJ and I had been capable of bring our Thanksgiving down in LA, with our traffic and family, genuinely sharing the spirit of Thanksgiving. Thank you Rita and Damon for letting us score over your spare bedroom and kitchen!

Ah, but the Thanksgiving festivities weren’t over! AJ and I had suggested Rita and Damon that we gradually instances casually have other folks over on the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy our leftovers. So Rita and Damon despatched a mass electronic mail out to every person who couldn’t obtain it to Thanksgiving and about 30 other folks replied within the affirmative that they had been going to swing by.

30 other folks! Which, obviously, set all of us in a itsy-bitsy scare that there wouldn’t be enough meals for all of them. We shooed the last of the guests out of the condo spherical 2am on Thanksgiving evening and then wakened the next morning, distinct to obtain EVEN MORE meals.

To complicate recount issues grand extra, Rita and Damon had a couple of traffic who had been vegan coming to our put up-Thanksgiving unfold… Now I’m comparatively adept at making meals for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, gluten free, no matter the meals restriction is. But I gradually determine on to verbalize it out. BUT the vegans had been a last minute addition, and nearly ALL of the meals we had made the evening prior to had butter in it (smartly, rather than for the cranberry sauce, but the sugar I aged within the sauce wasn’t vegan so there’s that).

Omnivores and vegans/vegetarians all entirely gay collectively!

But we came up with about a fresh gadgets that had been vegan apt for our guests. Because EVERYONE wishes to be welcome and incorporated at the dinner desk.

Our Friday “Friendsgiving” menu incorporated all of the above meals (as leftovers from the evening prior to) as well to:

Chinese language Sticky Rice Casserole

Roasted Root Vegetables*

Green Bean Casserole (the vegan sequel)*

Guinness Buffalo Cottage Pie

Chips and Selfmade Guacamole*

Sliced contemporary vegetables with handmade hummus*

Olive Bread**

Vegan Cherry Pie**

*are vegan apt dishes.

** are handmade dishes that the vegans brought with them. Both utterly unimaginable.

All 30 guests had been fed to the brim and left entirely gay and gay. I enjoy that our traffic Rita and Damon had been sharp to put up with us taking up their condo for the weekend, the put we set to appropriate use their 5 range Bosch stovetop AND two ovens, with out a doubt one of which is convection as well to all their extraordinary All Clad cookware (I if truth be told need appropriate cookware. Any individual snatch me some please. Thank you). I watch at my itsy-bitsy small oven that AJ and I affectionately check with as our “EZ Bake Oven” and appropriate kind shake my head at what I could also attain with higher than one oven. But I recount this appropriate kind offers me an excuse to check with with and cook dinner down there extra gradually.

Within the intervening time, I know that I’ll be making the vegan model of the fairway bean casserole for my desk to any extent further. Don’t be postpone by the truth that it’s vegan. I’m the LAST particular person to advocate veganism as a meals each day life, as I liberally use butter, leaf lard and bacon in plenty of my meals. But believe me, this model is estimable to the non vegan model that I obtain AND it’s heads and tails better than the cream of mushroom soup model. In case you bounce over to the usual SFoodie article that I started this put up with, you’ll learn that I fell in enjoy with the cream of mushroom soup canned introduction (entirely with the fried onion in a canister) motivate in excessive school whereas abroad within the Netherlands. You doubtlessly can blame my lack of publicity to it (my of us raised me on contemporary green beans, never the canned ones) or the truth that I didn’t if truth be told have a highly sophisticated palate, but within the pause I full occupy up to the truth that for years but to attain my Thanksgiving desk wasn’t entirely with out that introduction.

But this model, smartly let me appropriate kind inform that the vegans (and non vegans) devoured it, discovering it better than the one I made the day prior to. Of path there used to be NONE left over whereas there used to be restful about a of the cream based fully green bean casserole model left. The vegan casserole used to be with out a doubt one of many few dishes entirely executed on the desk.

Rita and Damon, by the strategy, went to but ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening after we had left. As AJ and I sat on the 5 for about 9 hours attempting to obtain residence in discontinue and poke vacation traffic they had been gorging themselves all once more. After I in the end texted them to expose them we arrived residence in a single part, they textual verbalize material motivate and acknowledged “Ate our fifth Thanksgiving dinner. By no strategy ingesting again.”

But I bet you if I made this for them again, they’d enjoy it.

While making this, I listened to a hodgepodge of song, though most of it on the playlist incorporated the Glee Soundtrack.

Green Bean Casserole (the vegan, gluten free sequel)

Oh yeah, as an added bonus, I made this gluten free. Appropriate cuz I can. In case you aren’t gluten allergic or celiac, or you don’t have rice flour within the home, you should possibly replace traditional AP flour for the rice flour. But whereas you assemble have rice flour, use it. It’s makes for a crisper shallot topping.

Impressed by a recipe from The Fresh Simplest Recipes by the Editors of Cook dinner’s Illustrated

One amongst the huge issues about this recipe is that you obtain it on the stovetop, liberating up the oven for various, extra crucial, issues enjoy the turkey.

4-5 mountainous shallots, thinly sliced

1/2 teaspoon contemporary cracked pepper

1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

3 tablespoon white rice flour

7 tablespoon olive oil (split into 3 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons and a pair of tablespoons)

1 teaspoon corn starch

3/4 to 1 1/4 cup vegetable stock (handmade ideally, but a appropriate canned model will assemble)

10 ozcremini (brown) mushrooms, sliced into 1/4” pieces

1 tablespoon Tamari (wheat/gluten free) soy sauce

1 medium onion, chopped (roughly 1 cup)

6 cloves of garlic, minced

1 1/2 lbs of contemporary green beans, ends trimmed, and slice into 2” pieces

5 springs of thyme

4 bay leaves

3/4 cup of cashew cream (recipe follows)

salt and contemporary cracked pepper to model

1. Capture the sliced shallots and toss them with the contemporary cracked pepper, sea salt and white rice flour till evenly coated. In case you don’t have enough rice flour to evenly coat, be at liberty to add extra.

2. Trip the corn starch and 3/4 cup of vegetable stock collectively.

3. Warmth 3 tablespoonof vegetable oil in a mountainous skillet over medium excessive heat till a fleck of water splatters when flicked into the pan. Gently position the coated shallots into the skillet (taking care now not to burn yourself with any oil splashing up) and pan fry the shallots, stirring generally, till golden brown on both aspect. Think the pan fastidiously as the rice flour can burn comely snappy. Employ the shallots to a plate lined with two or three paper towels and position apart. Wipe out the skillet of all crumbs

4. Add 2 extra tablespoon of vegetable oil within the skillet and heat over medium excessive. Add the mushrooms and soy sauce and cook dinner till the mushrooms are brown, about 8 minutes. Transfer to a bowl along with any juices that have gathered within the skillet.

5. Add the closing 2 tablespoon of vegetable oil within the skillet and heat over medium excessive. Add the onions and cook dinner till the onion edges beginning up to brown reasonably of bit, about two minutes or so.

5. Add the garlic to the skillet and whisk for 30 seconds for the garlic to change into fragrant. Then add the fairway beans, thyme and bay leaves. Straight add the cashew cream and the vegetable stock to the skillet as smartly.

6. Continue to cook dinner over medium excessive heat till the beans are a itsy-bitsy gentle, but restful crisp within the heart, four minutes or so. Add the mushrooms and any reserved mushroom juice to the skillet as smartly and cook dinner for one more four minutes or so, till the fairway beans are gentle and the sauce has thickened. If the sauce looks too thick (beget in suggestions this might maybe occasionally also thicken as it cools as smartly) thin it out with the reserved vegetable stock (add reasonably of bit at a time till you are entirely gay with the sauce consistency).

7. Employ from heat, snatch the bay leaves and thyme springs and then salt and pepper to model (I enjoy to use plenty of contemporary cracked pepper, but now not every person likes it that peppery). Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle the pinnacle with the pan fried shallots.

Present 1. Why soy sauce with the mushrooms? The soy sauce now not very best provides salt seasoning, but additionally helps increase the umami flavors of the mushrooms. There’s nothing Asian flavored within the closing dish at all (you genuinely don’t obtain extra All American than a green bean casserole) but you’ll obtain that the mushrooms score on a deeper earthier meatier flavor that is a glorious foil to the fairway beans. In case you aren’t gluten allergic, be at liberty to use traditional soy sauce.

Present 2. Why the variant in vegetable stock? The cashew cream recipe (which I record beneath) is substantial straightforward but additionally finally ends up in a cream that varies in thickness, reckoning on how grand water you use. Thus the amount of vegetable stock required within the recipe will fluctuate as smartly.

Present 3. Why cashew cream? Effectively obviously I developed this recipe with a vegan in suggestions, but the truth is, the cashew cream provides a in point of fact itsy-bitsy earthy nuttiness that helps give the dish a refined depth. You doubtlessly can with out recount appropriate kind use heavy cream in position of the cashew cream whereas you don’t determine on to head to the trouble of making cashew cream, but believe me, you won’t remorse going that extra step. In case you assemble use the heavy cream, delay the corn starch to 1 1/2 tsp and you nearly absolutely won’t need the extra 1/2 cup vegetable stock within the pause.

Cashew Cream

The recipe above requires the introduction of cashew cream. It’s substantial straightforward to obtain, but takes a whereas for the in a single day soaking. The recipe is beneath.

2 cups of uncooked cashews (obtain obvious it’s uncooked, now not salted or roasted)

1. Rinse the cashews completely.

2. Place apart the cashews in a bowl and occupy with water till they’re entirely coated. Cowl the bowl with plastic wrap and leave within the refrigerator for 8 hours or in a single day.

3. Drain the cashews and again rinse completely.

4. Location cashews in a blender or meals processor. Occupy with contemporary chilly water till coated about 1/2 jog over cashews.

5. Pulse and job cashews till substantial soundless.

Makes about 2 1/2 to some cups of cashew cream. You doubtlessly can thin it down reasonably of with extra water if the cream looks too thick. You doubtlessly can use this as a vegan replace for cream in nearly any baking and cooking recipe, though the outcomes could also fluctuate.

Present 1. Clearly this recipe makes higher than you wish for the fairway bean casserole. You doubtlessly can strive to halve the recipe and use 1 cup of uncooked cashews but some meals processors and blenders feature better with higher quantities. You doubtlessly can repeatedly use the cashew cream in various merchandise or freeze it (whereas you freeze it, it can also separate so obtain obvious to give it a pulse or two within the blender/meals processor after you thaw it out and prior to you use it)

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