Crispy Cornmeal Fritters

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  1. In a huge bowl, high-tail the flour, cornmeal, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. The utilize of a pastry blender or 2 knives, prick within the butter unless the mix resembles outrageous meal. Add the evaporated milk and swagger unless a dough varieties. Flip the dough out onto a flippantly floured work floor and knead staunch unless light, about 1 minute. Hide with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for quarter-hour.

  2. On a flippantly floured work floor, roll the dough accurate into a thick rope. Lower the dough into 24 objects and roll every portion accurate into a 9-wander rope. Bring every ends collectively and twist every rope tightly.

  3. In a huge saucepan, heat the oil to 350°. Fry the twists, about 8 at a time, unless golden right by, 2 to a short time. Drain on paper towels and relieve sizzling.

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The recipe could well furthermore even be engaging by Step 2 and saved at room temperature, covered, for up to 1 hour.

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