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Ćevapi Meatball Sliders

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Ćevapi Meatball Sliders

This dish takes its inspiration from a most popular Serbian avenue food. Cevapi (pronounced Ch-Ay-Vah-Pea) is a minced meat patty consisting of pork, pork, and lamb with diced onions, garlic, and paprika. Within the Serbian capital of Belgrade, you’ll look limitless distributors promoting these in a diversity of shows. Right here, I’ve up up to now the classic meatball slider every person knows and like, and added a Balkan twist.

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  • 3 cup floor pork
  • 1 cup floor lamb
  • 1 medium-sized onion
  • 12 slider buns
  • 2 cup floor pork
  1. Mix collectively meat, onions, egg white, salt, paprika, and dusky pepper. Roll the aggregate into 12 balls.
  2. Soften butter in a monumental non-stick pan on medium high warmth. Bid meatballs in pan and for 3 minutes except browned and crisp. Repeat for every and either side.
  3. Minimize warmth to medium low and fry for every other five to seven minutes, or except carried out.
  4. Bid meatballs in heated buns and garnish as desired with shredded cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, chili flakes, and bitter cream. I imply the total above.

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