Udon-Beef Noodle Bowl

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Completely delectable!!! Restaurant quality or greater in my opinion….I furthermore added broccoli flowerets and toddler bok choy (as one more of the spinach). I’ve had this with bean sprouts added raw to the noodle bowl as neatly. In location of sake, I substituted with the an analogous amount of water. Very healthful and animated. Thanks for sharing your recipe ratherbeswimmin’, this used to be unbelievable!! You’d like both a fork and a spoon for this one!!

FYI: we are ready to rating pre-cooked Jap model Udon noodles at a neighborhood grocery store. Supreme one serving dimension (200 g)…the brand title (I sigh because it’s miles in Jap) is Nama Udon made by Six Fortune. It’s miles accessible in vacuum sealed bags on the shelf. In the event you or anyone wants more data, please let me know…they’re the true thing!!

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