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Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca

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This Romanian vegetable spread-Zacusca, as we name it in Romanian,  is something I’d make yearly on the quit of the summer. It combines roasted eggplant, roasted peppers, new tomato juice or paste, and onions, all slowly cooked to perfection.

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I in reality can it in jars and consume it at some level of the winter. We aid it as an appetizer, however we also eat it on slices of new bread as a meal.

It’s possible you’ll almost definitely perhaps almost definitely assemble a savory platter alongside with your current cheese, chilly cuts, new crimson onion, and the vegetable spread zacusca, treasure within the image under.

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This vegetable spread is a savory arrangement to abet vegetables from the garden and taste summer when the chilly weather arrives.

Most Japanese European worldwide locations maintain a version of this spread. In some worldwide locations, the spread has more peppers and no eggplants. In other worldwide locations, they employ more tomatoes and fewer peppers.

There are even diversifications of this Zacusca in Romania, where eggplants are replaced with white beans, zucchini, and each once in some time mushrooms.

Some recipes also maintain carrots, parsley root, or celeriac to offer the spread a little sweetness. The eggplant version is basically the most cherished and standard, and here is what we are able to make this day.

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This Romanian vegetable spread- Zacusta, requires a little little bit of labor. I’m no longer going to lie to you, however it takes some time to make, and greatest the devoted one will build the anxiousness and the work into making savory Zacusca.

In the previous, this spread changed into once a strategy of surviving within the winter, as we failed to maintain new vegetables treasure we’ve got this day within the stores all 365 days spherical.

As some Americans might perchance almost definitely perhaps undergo in mind, canning changed into once standard too sooner than industrialization, and many of the opposite folks knew how to enact it.

It is a shame that we don’t enact the canning more continuously. It saves money, journeys to the shop, and offers nutritious meals for the total family. No decrease than you realize what’s in that meals, trusty?

The vegetable spread makes employ of roasted vegetables, so I will uncover how to arrange them first. We can start with the eggplants because they’re the coronary heart and star of this spread.

Straightforward ideas to cook dinner the eggplants for this recipe?

There are various ideas to cook dinner eggplants. I broken-down them all, and they all work. It all depends on irrespective of your possibilities are and the time of 365 days.

Right here is a detailed article about cooking eggplants to arrange them to your dips, salads, or zacusca.

My current arrangement of cooking eggplants for this spread is grilling them on a fireplace grill, however please breeze to the article I changed into once telling you about because this would almost definitely perhaps also fair express you some other ideas whereas you don’t maintain receive true of entry to to a fireplace grill.

The eggplant salad made with grilled eggplants will taste in reality smoky and savory! Right here is every other recipe that has roasted peppers also.

Straightforward ideas to arrange the flesh of the eggplant for your next step:

After grilling, roasting, or baking the eggplants, let them cool, then in moderation consume the total pores and skin.

Assign the eggplants in a strainer and drain the juices out for approximately half an hour to one hour. This step will consume the juice from the eggplant that is supposed to be bitter.

roasted eggplant draining in a crimson colander   Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

Prick the eggplants on a wooden board with a obvious wooden/plastic knife made especially for this motive (must you are Romanian and maintain one, obviously) or with a standard knife.

roasted eggplant on wooden board  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

I in reality maintain a obvious plastic knife, inherited from my mother, specially designed for reducing eggplants.

An routine perception changed into once that it’s most sensible to no longer touch the eggplants with metal for the rationale that eggplants would oxidize and the salad wouldn’t maintain a lovely coloration.

I’m no longer obvious if here is suitable or no longer. Personally, the utilization of a standard knife need to be ok. Most knives this day are stainless-steel.

reducing roasted eggplants with a plastic knife  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

It’s possible you’ll almost definitely perhaps almost definitely also job the eggplants within the meals processor. The salad will then maintain more treasure a diffusion texture, which is savory however no longer very high quality.

I favor to carve the salad pretty roughly so as that I in reality maintain something to chunk here and there, however the level of reducing is entirely as a lot as you.

After you are performed with this step, region the eggplants aside and breeze to your next step.

Straightforward ideas to grill peppers:

Peppers are greatest roasted straight on an start fire. A wood grill is a ideal arrangement to employ however straight on a gasoline fire range is perfectly acceptable.

Grill them unless the pores and skin is dim and blistered. Take away them, let them cool a little bit so you would also address them, then peel off the pores and skin and spot them on a plate.

Or enact it treasure in Mexico, where cooking with various peppers is the core of the cuisine: Assign the charred peppers in a huge bowl or pot and duvet them with a lid for a immediate while.

The peppers will sweat, and the pores and skin will come off very hastily and with out complications.

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Consume a little little bit of water to dapper your fingers whereas you peel the peppers.

peeling the pores and skin of roasted peppers  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

It makes your existence simpler.

Roasted peppers in a metal bowl  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

Take away the seeds and carve the peppers into thin slices or carve them shrimp, as you treasure. Save aside.

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How To Assemble and Originate the Vegetable Unfold- Zacusca:

First, this vegetable spread is made in dapper pans that maintain a dapper surface for the liquids to evaporate. This form, the spread will possible be thicker and more savory, no longer soupy.

The pan sits on the variety on decrease warmth and desires to be supervised the least bit instances. You also need to maneuver within the pan so a lot of the time to make certain that nothing sticks to the bottom.

We start with the onions by reducing them Julienne. From now on or less onion is ok. I broken-down crimson, however every once in some time I employ sweet onion or white, or perhaps a combination of them. It all depends on what I salvage within the shop.

In a huge pan, spot the oil and warmth it up on the variety on medium warmth. Add the sliced onions and cook dinner them slowly on medium-low warmth.

Toddle once quickly and let them cook dinner unless they turn out to be translucent.

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Add salt and pepper. Heaps of pepper, as you will desire a dapper amount of onions.

The thing is that I treasure cooked onions, so at this level, when the onions are translucent, I treasure stealing just a few tablespoons from the pan and ingesting them o slices of bread with salt and pepper!

It is basically my current time of the 365 days!

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- onions cooking within the pan  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

Whenever you happen to receive to this step, add the roasted peppers,

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- onions and peppers cooking within the pan  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

chopped eggplant and proceed again.

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- eggplants added to the onions and peppers within the cooking pan  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

Add bay leaves and, within the waste, the tomato sauce.

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- vegetables cooking on the variety  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

In the summer, I employ tomatoes from the Farmer Market that I build within the meals processor and make the sauce.

If I make this spread unhurried within the autumn, when tomatoes need to no longer so high quality anymore, I buy the tomato sauce or paste and employ it the same.

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- simmering on the variety - tomato paste added  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

This vegetable combination is now going to cook dinner slowly on the variety for approximately an hour whereas I consistently proceed so it doesn’t follow the bottom. After an hour, I taste for salt and pepper.

At this level, every little thing goes within the oven for approximately two hours at 350F/180C. It is prepared when it becomes thicker, and the oil floats on high of the vegetables. While the spread is within the oven, I sterilize the jars.

The jars and the vegetable spread need to be sizzling whereas you maintain the jars. I seal them and flip them upside down.

I duvet the total jars with a blanket and let them quiet down. The following day I preheat the oven to 215F/100C and spot the jars upside down on a baking tray inner the oven.

I shut off the oven and leave the jars inner with out opening the oven unless they cool entirely.

I consume them from the oven, be conscious them and spot them in a fab pantry for later employ. The spread is solely unless summer must you don’t elevate out the jars earlier.

Pin this for later:

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We treasure opening the first jar in November, and I continuously send jars with this spread to my daughter, who doesn’t dwell within the same metropolis as us.

Or she involves search the recommendation of with and leaves with a plump suitcase of them.

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca in a jar with a gash of bread  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

We treasure the spread as an appetizer, as I already stated earlier, however we also need to favor it to work or for lunch.

It might perchance perhaps perchance almost definitely also additionally be a gradual-weight dinner, subsequent to a pair slices of fair bread or crackers,  chilly cuts, or simply cheese, your current. It is the actual meals.

Romanian Vegetable Unfold Zacusca- half empty jar, glass bowl with vegetable spread and a gash of bread with vegetable spread  Romanian Vegetable Unfold-Zacusca svg 3E

Revel in!

Prep Time
1 hour

Cook Time
3 hours

Entire Time
4 hours


  • 6.6 kilos/3 kg eggplants

  • 3.3 kilos/1.5kg crimson bell peppers or pimientos

  • 1 pound/0.5kg onions(might perchance almost definitely perhaps fair be white, sweet, or crimson onion)

  • 17 fl.ounces0.5l vegetable oil(I broken-down sunflower oil)

  • 33.8fl.ounces1 liter tomato sauce

  • 4 tablespoons salt

  • 2 tablespoons ground pepper

  • 3-4 bay leaves


  1. Perfect the eggplants and the peppers.
  2. Grill the total eggplants and peppers unless they’re charred. Peel the pores and skin from each and each eggplants and peppers and likewise consume the seeds from the peppers.
  3. Showcase:Whenever you happen to capture to roast the eggplants within the oven, spot them on a tray, pierce them with a fork and roast them at 400F/200C for approximately Forty five minutes or unless the flesh is aloof. Take far from the oven and peel the pores and skin off.
  4. Let the eggplants drain in a colander unless no juices come out, as a minimal one to 2 hours.
  5. Prick the eggplants and the peppers the utilization of a knife or a meals processor, irrespective of you will need readily accessible. Discontinuance no longer make a paste, pulse trusty few instances to carve the aloof vegetables. Whenever you happen to make employ of a knife, carve every little thing graceful. Save aside.
  6. Prick the onions.
  7. Assign a extremely dapper pan on the variety and pour the oil in it. Warmth up the oil on medium warmth and add the chopped onions. Cook them unless aloof, however make certain that to maneuver in them so they enact no longer burn.
  8. Add chopped eggplants, peppers and tomato sauce. Add three tablespoons of salt and the pepper and mix smartly. Add the bay leaves. Fashion and add more salt if predominant.
  9. Showcase: The warmth need to be average to low and the pan need to be supervised the least bit instances. When the vegetable spread starts simmering, decrease the warmth and proceed stirring once in a whereas to make certain that the spread doesn’t follow the bottom of the pan and burn. Simmer for approximately an hour on the variety.
  10. Preheat oven to 350F and pass the pan inner the oven for every other two hours.
  11. The spread will possible be ready in about 3 hours total or when the vegetable oil involves the surface of the spread.
  12. Straightforward ideas to sterilize the jars and elevate out the canning: Boil the empty jars in sizzling water for approximately 10 minutes. Personal the jars in moderation with the new spread so as that there might perchance be set an slip left from the quit. Seal the jars in reality smartly and flip them upside down. Assign all of them on a metal tray and duvet the jars with blankets to chill down slowly.
  13. The following day, preheat oven to 215F and spot the tray with the jars inner. Shut down the oven and let the jars inner to chill down entirely.
  14. One other arrangement would be to sterilize the jars in a water bathtub for 40 minutes.

Nutrition Details:



Serving Dimension:


Amount Per Serving:
Energy: 161Entire Full: 6gSaturated Full: 1gTrans Full: 0gUnsaturated Full: 5gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 383mgCarbohydrates: 27gFiber: 7gSugar: 11gProtein: 3g

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