Red meat With Carrots

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crimson meat stew boeuf carottes

Boeuf aux carottes — Red meat stew with carrots

When I became as soon as a young woman increasing up in France, Sundays were most regularly the days when my mom cooked a boeuf aux carottes (crimson meat stew with carrots) proper throughout the chilly weather. She’d commence up cooking hers early within the morning, leaving it to simmer on the stove for a pair of hours. The aromas of onion, sauteed meat, wine and spices made the dwelling smell like sluggish mornings and Sundays and hachis parmentier. Oh certain! She’d constantly make certain that to arrange a fine pot of stew so that she may possibly well possibly use what became as soon as left the subsequent day, to arrange stuffed squashes or hachis parmentier.

stuffed squash crimson meat

Iciness squashes filled with brown rice and crimson meat

That conception impressed these two recipes (check the boeuf aux carottes recipe here, and the chilly weather squashes here), which I wrote for Sunday Supper, the recent food column within the Boston Globe.

I hope you’ll expertise them as grand as we did. They’re dazzling meal tips of fair frail French food.

What my mom is aware of manufacture so effectively.

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