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Red meat and Potato Boats

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“Support this with a facet of veggies and that you may per chance additionally possess gotten a full meal.”

Ready In:
1hr 30mins



  • 2

    monumental baking potatoes

  • 4

    slices bacon

  • 12

    lb ground pork

  • 3

    green onions, trimmed and sliced

  • 1 12

    teaspoons salt, divided

  • 12

    cup sour cream

  • 2

    tablespoons butter or 2 tablespoons margarine

  • 14

    cup milk

  • 14

    cup cheddar cheese, grated


  • Bake potatoes at 400° for 1 hour or unless at ease.
  • Sauté bacon unless crisp, drain on paper towel, then crumble. Drain pan.
  • Combine pork frivolously with onions. Shape into monumental patty in same pan, brown 5 minutes on either facet, then damage up into puny chunks.
  • Gallop in 1/2 teaspoon salt, sour cream and crumbled bacon. Seize from heat.
  • Spoil up baked potatoes in half; scoop out centers into a puny pan, being careful to now not interrupt shells.
  • Space shells in a shallow baking dish or pan.
  • Mash potato centers; beat in final salt, butter or margarine and finest ample milk to establish them creamy, stiff.
  • Spoon pork combination into shells, dividing evenly.
  • Prime with mashed potatoes, sprinkle with cheese.
  • Bake in 400° oven for 20 minutes or unless cheese is bubbly hot.

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  1. gailanng  Red meat and Potato Boats pie

    I admire anything else made with potatoes. I especially love fried potatoes, French fries too, tater chips and my private favourite–Vodka. lol These were monumental! Made for #forty eight A-NZ Recipe Trace.

  2. SandwichQueen  Red meat and Potato Boats 21 medthumb hor

    These were if reality be told yummy and a smartly-behaved twist on our standard meat and potatoes. We did half the meat, but they were nonetheless if reality be told, if reality be told factual! They were also if reality be told straight forward; I did quite so much of the prep work sooner than time then correct threw them in the oven correct sooner than we ate.

  3. erinr1978  Red meat and Potato Boats fruit kebab

    This used to be monumental. Very flavorful. Very filling. Doubled the recipe, which labored monumental. Didn’t employ the onions, will are attempting that next time. Became once moderately bit time ingesting.
    It’ll be a family favourite. My nephew thought it’d be contaminated, then he tried it and cherished it.

  4. KCShell  Red meat and Potato Boats iajfVvQXTgWzu10b9t7L IMG 0806

    I followed the recipe except the next things. 1. No onions because I am allergic. 2. I former the microwave moderately than the oven.
    The flavour is excellent and used to be a full hit at dinner tonight. Served with garden unusual tomatoes!
    Thanks so valuable ElaineAnn.

  5. SusieQusie  Red meat and Potato Boats HJ9msNhURkW0Kq6LkgnD facebook photo

    Quick and straightforward to establish! We’re fond of bolder flavors so I jazzed up the meat with garlic and murky pepper. I also added minced chives and smoked paprika to the potatoes. Then, correct for relaxing, I piped the potatoes on high. 😉 I admit to now not measuring the butter or milk – I correct added unless the consistency felt correct. Likewise for the cheese – I sprinkled a beneficiant _tophat_ on those spuds. Served with a facet of tomatoes and peppers, it used to be an even searching midweek meal. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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