Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail

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Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious

Soft Soft New Year, dear company!

I know, I below no instances put up on Tuesdays! But this cocktail is for your New Year’s celebrations and I honest had to make a choice up it to you in time!

Plus, my dear brother got me these resplendent cocktail glasses for Christmas, and what better time to interrupt them in than for New Year’s?? Present me these aren’t the prettiest, most festive cocktail glasses you’ve ever viewed….

Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious

I if truth be told like a pretty save vogue, and I usually like to bewitch most things I originate the same ability. My dwelling decor, my clothing, my jewelry, my events, and even my cooking vogue (in my leer) all note the same vogue- straightforward, traditional, and gorgeous. And this New Year’s Eve desires to be no various!

I’m planning to like a satisfying, gorgeous dinner out with my sister, after which snuggle till lifeless night with my boyfriend. No active parties or crowds of of us for this lady. Here is NYE #introvertstyle.

So for sure I created a new cocktail that suits my belief of a cheerful NYE completely!

Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious

This light, straightforward cocktail is a righteous mix of sweet, tart, warm, and refreshing flavors… with honest a refined tickle of festive bubbles.

I admire it because now now not easiest is it pleasurable for your NYE celebrations, it’s now now not too unfriendly or indulgent to revel in all at some level of the novel year!

Whether or now now not you intend to be out partying or staying merely at dwelling, this light, effervescent cocktail is the suitable ability to notify within the novel year!

Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious

Clearly, I if truth be told like a thing for herbs in my cocktails. Nearly each and each engaging recipe I’ve posted on this blog entails herbs with my liquor! And this time we’ve got a two-for-one deal going on with the herbs on your cocktail thing. Warming ginger and new thyme combine with lemon, tequila, and bubbly water to construct a cocktail that makes me dance with each and every sip.

Even better, I’ve fastidiously chosen each and every ingredient with the novel year in mind.

Lemon: Lemon, an extremely versatile citrus, is often ragged for cleansing and brightening your private dwelling. And the novel year is once we wipe the slate trim from the outdated year and work to become better variations of ourselves within the coming year. No longer easiest that, but this iciness fruit is shiny and zesty, honest like my pleasure for the novel year!

Ginger: As well to a zesty, shiny spirit within the novel year, I am bringing the comforting heat of my rising friendships, relationships, and growing faith that God has bewitch watch over of every and every side of my existence into the novel year. It’s animated and exciting to work on now now not being an honest bewitch watch over freak, and as a substitute be taught to count upon my rising neighborhood and almighty God. But it completely’s also warm and comforting, honest like this incredible herb.

Contemporary thyme: A woody, aromatic herb usually ragged to bewitch the flavor of various herbs, this straightforward, warm herb shines in this cocktail when muddled effectively in acidic lemon juice. It’s a reminder that even essentially the most easy, most unassuming things can become excellent (and palatable) after they endure a little bit of duress. Additionally, it’s thyme to notify within the novel year and flip over a novel leaf!!! (I had to originate it…)

Ravishing water: Because what’s a occasion, even a low-key introvert’s occasion, with out bubbles?!

Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious

Servings 2 -4 servings


  • 1 lemon squeezed (yields about 2 oz. lemon juice)
  • 6 new thyme stalks
  • 2-4 oz. intellectual water reckoning on how sturdy you’d like your drink
  • 3-4 oz. ginger straightforward syrup
  • 4 oz. tequila


  • Add the lemon juice and thyme to a cocktail shaker. Litter the thyme thoroughly within the lemon juice till the thyme is wilted and loads leaves like reach off. (Use the tackle of a picket spatula within the occasion it’s in all probability you’ll perhaps even presumably be like me and place now now not desire a muddler.) The lemon juice desires to be scented with thyme.

  • Add the excellent ingredients and a pair of half of cup of ice. Whisk the combination till all of the ingredients are evenly blended and extremely wintry.

  • Support strained into martini glasses or over ice in highball glasses. Toast and revel in!

Soft New Year, my dearest readers! Thank you sooo unparalleled for embarking on this incredible dash with me this year, and I’m so angry for what 2015 will notify for StrictlyDelicious!!!

Ravishing Lemon Thyme Cocktail through StrictlyDelicious


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