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Raspberry Crumb Cake  Raspberry Crumb Cake 8415 raspberry crumb cake

Raspberry Crumb Cake

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This recipe comes from my time baking in Portland, Maine. We supplied two styles of coffeecake day after day, and participants continuously asked for this Raspberry Crumb Cake. It’s a extraordinarily moist cake stuffed with juicy raspberries. The center substances soften to your mouth and the crumbly topping adds a buttery, crispy texture to your drinking trip. It’s a extraordinarily versatile recipe, so you would perchance exchange up the flavors by adding loads of styles of berries, loads of extracts, and even chocolate chips. It’s the correct accompaniment to a Sunday brunch or luncheon with the ladies. I love it for these times on legend of it’s baked in a baking dish, as against a enormous tube pan. This implies you would perchance contain smaller pieces, and smartly staunch contain a nibble instead of a humongous pastry. I chose to reduce them into 2 x 2 trot squares, for a complete of 16 pieces. Whenever you wished it to be more pleasant, reduce the cake into 2 x 3 trot bars for roughly 10 servings.

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