Pork Tendon in Chili Sauce

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I walked into my local butcher the loads of day and asked if they sold tendon.

“Tendon? In the 5 years that I’ve labored right here, I’ve by no map had anyone quiz for tendon. I stir to possess to contact our farm in Maine and uncover.”

“What enact of us assuredly enact with the tendon?”

“And they throw it alongside with the bones to develop stock.”

Ah plod . . . stock, or bone broth, has been the most contemporary wisely being craze. Supposedly the longer the broth cooks, the more nutrients it’ll extact from the bones and surrounding tendons and cartilage. Ideally, a nutritious bone broth desires to be stable when chilled, a results of its excessive concentration of gelatin.

Although our ancestors (or no longer decrease than our grandmothers) were making broth from bones for hundreds of years, it is no longer any longer in actuality till very currently that of us possess begun ingesting it day to day as if it had been a wisely being elixir that would possibly boost our immune gadget, rejuvenate our joints, end bone loss, smooth up our pores and skin, and present a boatload of vitamins in the course of. There’s even a space in New York City now dedicated to selling cups of bone broth (at $5 for a cup!) so that busy workers can fetch their day to day nutrient boost on-the-stir.


There’s a quantity of skepticism surrounding these claims. Some whisper there would possibly be exiguous scientific proof to abet all of it up, though most of us agree that broth is nutritious. Additionally, scientific proof does pork up the profit of chicken broth in reducing inflammation and collagen consumption reducing bone loss (no longer decrease than in mice). {supply}

I’m happy to hear that tendon, which is excessive in protein and low in stout, is not any longer decrease than neutral if no longer nutritious, because I fully LOVE it. Every time I counsel pho at a Vietnamese restaurant, I always fetch the pork + tendon probability. I can no longer succor but advise mala pork tendon every time I’m at a Sichuan restaurant.

After which more currently, my mother introduced over some tendon she had made.

It was once extra special. At ease and gelatinous, tendon is fancy the fatty fragment of pork belly but with out any of the stout. It be fancy ingesting stout but colorful it be virtually stout free. Guiltless decadence tossed in correct a tiny bit of chili oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, and hundreds cilantro.

It was once heavenly and I needed to develop my very private.


Nonetheless tendon’s no longer that readily on hand at a genuine Western supermarket.

My mother got around this by establishing a relationship with a local butcher in Ohio. This guy saves up tendon for her (freezes it) till he has around 5-10 pounds that he can promote her. She then drives the forty five-minute jog to purchase it up.

I’m hoping that I can fabricate a identical fabricate of relationship with my local butcher, who fabricate of is aware of me know because every week I pop in and quiz regarding the pronounce of the tendons.


Though I’m smooth ready on that supply, I currently stopped by H-Mart (Korean market attain my dwelling), and learned some in the freezer share. I stir to smooth reside up for my local butcher, but for now, I needed to opt a glimpse at making this relaxing facet dish that I would been craving for goodbye. After getting directions over the phone (and by email


After defrosting the tendons, mercurial boil them for approximately 10 minutes, permitting any scum to waft to the outside.


Dump this water and rinse the tendon pieces wisely.


In my case, they shrank vastly after the first boil and grew to modified into very no longer easy and nearly inflexible.


Add contemporary trim water, a pinch of baking soda, a couple slices of ginger, and scallions. Cook dinner under force at excessive for forty five minutes to 1 hour. If you possess no longer got a force cooker, it is doubtless you’ll cook dinner on low for many, many hours. I bear my mother cooks it for around 3 hours or longer.


When it be all done, the texture desires to be reasonably assorted. It desires to be at ease, gelatinous, and nearly a tiny bit exhausting to handle because it be so at ease. You utilize to possess to refrigerate it at this point so that it be much less difficult to gash.


Once cooled, it is doubtless you’ll gash them into chunk sized pieces.


Tendon by itself is extremely neutral and flavorless. (It be the texture that makes it shine.) As a end result, it is doubtless you’ll think of it as blank canvas for whatever sauce you use to possess so that you would possibly per chance add.


I costume mine merely: a shrimp bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, and fragrant chili oil. I bear a tiny bit of vinegar will be appetizing as wisely. I fancy to microwave the tendon mercurial if I make a selection it straight out of the refrigerator (fancy 15 seconds!) correct to soften it up.


Ultimately, toss with contemporary herbs, fancy cilantro, and encourage.

YUM . . .


Pork Tendon in Chili Sauce

Recipe Form: Appetizer

Delicacies: Chinese

Creator: Jennifer Che from Miniature City Kitchen

Prep time:

Cook time for dinner:

Total time:


  • pork tendon, 2 lbs
  • scallions, 2-3 stalks
  • ginger, 2-3 slices
  • baking soda, ½ tsp


  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add pork tendon and cook dinner for five-10 minutes, or till white scum has floated to the tip. Dump out the water and rinse the tendon wisely.
  2. In a force cooker (or stockpot), add tendon and ample water to conceal the tendons.
  3. Add scallions, ginger, and baking soda.
  4. Cook dinner at excessive force for forty five minutes to 1 hour. Liberate force per the manufacturer’s directions. If no longer the utilization of a force cooker, advise to a boil and then decrease to a simmer and cook dinner for approximately 3 hours, or till the tendon is at ease.
  5. Gain tendon from the pot and refrigerate for no longer decrease than a couple hours, if no longer overnight.
  6. Once frigid, gash the tendon into chunk sized pieces and toss with sesame oil, soy sauce, and chili oil to taste.
  7. Serve!

Cook dinner’s Expose: I did possess a odd facet fetch with the tendon that I purchased from H-Mart. For some irregular motive, the tendon had a odd ammonia smell after I cooked it in the force cooker. I needed to boil it in contemporary water for one other quarter-hour or so to place away with the smell. I in actuality put no longer know what need to be blamed for it. I puzzled whether or no longer cooking with baking soda under force would per chance cause some odd response to end result in ammonia, but I could per chance no longer think of a map that this would chemically work (no, I did no longer use baker’s . My most modern hypothesis is that tendon from H-Mart has been handled with ammonia gas in inform to end bacterial enhance (right here’s a identified medicines for definite forms of pork). I am hoping to take a look at this identical recipe with a assorted supply of tendon (fancy the one from my local butcher) to glimpse if I smooth fetch the identical smell. Some recipes go out the baking soda, so that is one other probability to opt a glimpse at as wisely, though it would per chance lengthen the cooking time.  (My mother says the baking soda in actuality helps damage down the tendon.)

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