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At the contemporary time I made a enormous batch of shredded beef as a “unsafe recipe” for which I’ll present various uses all the scheme by the next week or two. Right here’s a customary shredded beef with just, undeniable beef taste, that will contain a quantity of flavors added to it later on for every and each recipe. By preserving the flavour undeniable, I’ll be ready to make use of here’s Asian recipes, Tex-Mex recipes, or with any a quantity of taste profile.

Right here’s shapely simple to operate and you can form it whereas you’re at work and even whereas you sleep. The shredded beef can then be frozen and hasty reheated for use in recipes any night of the week. Below I’ve supplied cooking and freezing instructions. Shredded beef love this might maybe moreover be historical for customary BBQ sandwiches, burritos, tacos, and more, nevertheless I’m going to publish a pair of new strategies over the next week or two. Seek the principle recipe the usage of the shredded beef day after nowadays!

Recipes Using Multi-Reason Shredded Pork:

  • BBQ Pork Stuffed Potatoes
  • Pork Ragout with Mashed Cauliflower

One phrase on parts – as with most of my meat recipes, I use meat in small parts mixed with vegetables and grains to stretch it out all the scheme in which by many servings. I estimate that I’ll use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the shredded beef per serving in the lengthy flee recipes. I’ll be freezing the beef in 2 cup parts, so that I will thaw/reheat one recipe’s rate at a time (or 4-6 servings of the beef).

Multi-Reason Shredded Pork

Multi-Reason Shredded Pork in Tupperware container

multi-motive shredded beef

A straightforward leisurely-cooker recipe for multi-motive shredded beef and recipes for its use.

  • 4 lbs boneless beef rump roast ($17.91)
  • 2 cups beef broth* ($0.30)
  • Decrease the rump roast into chunks approximately 3 inches each and each. This might maybe moreover enable the meat to cook evenly and map as much as a obtain temperature faster in the leisurely cooker. Location the beef into the bottom of the leisurely cooker. Pour the beef broth over the meat, put the lid on the leisurely cooker, and cook on excessive for 4-6 hours, or unless the meat is fork soft. The beef ought to be so soft that it shreds with the slightest force of a fork.

  • Pull the chunks of beef out of the cooking liquid and shred it with two forks. Divide the shredded beef into freezer obtain containers (approximately 2 cups of shredded beef per container) and pour some of the cooking juices over high. The juices will serve prevent the beef from drying and getting freezer burn whereas stored in the freezer. Refrigerate the beef unless entirely cooled before transferring to the freezer. Repeatedly attach and date programs before freezing. Protect the beef in the freezer for as much as a pair months for perfect taste and quality.

  • To reheat the beef, simply transfer it from the freezer container to a small pot and warmth over medium-low unless entirely thawed and reheated. Stress the shredded beef from the cooking liquid and season in accordance with the recipe it is miles being historical in.

Inquire of how we calculate recipe costs here.

*I use Better Than Bouillon attach broth concentrate attributable to it’s inexpensive than canned or boxed broths, it lasts comely about eternally in the refrigerator, and you can combine up any amount that you just wish. Inquire of photography below.

Serving: 1ServingCalories: 408.7kcalCarbohydrates: 0.25gProtein: 43.65gTubby: 25.83gSodium: 382.5mgFiber: 0g

Read our beefy nutrition disclaimer here.

Step By Step Photos

boneless rump roast in packaging

I sold this boneless beef rump roast attributable to it modified into as soon as the most fee-efficient (per pound) beef roast at my native store. The leisure that’s labeled “roast” is supposed to be cooked lengthy and leisurely to form a soft texture. Mine modified into as soon as about 3.75 pounds and yielded 7 cups of shredded beef. This might maybe moreover vary, needless to articulate, reckoning on how powerful beefy your particular roast has.

roast decrease into chunks and build in leisurely cooker

Decrease the roast into 3-streak chunks and put them in the bottom of the leisurely cooker. Reducing it into chunks permits the warmth to distribute and cook more evenly than one huge piece of beef. Don’t decrease the chunks too small, although, so that your shredded beef isn’t in shapely small pieces. Also, I didn’t peril trimming the beefy attributable to that will largely cook off into the juice, nevertheless you completely might maybe moreover whenever that it is likely you’ll maybe moreover be looking to must.

beef broth in measuring cup

You’ll need two cups of beef broth to serve take care of the meat moist and act as a warmth conductor. It is indispensable to utilize any attach, nevertheless Better Than Bouillon is my fav.

beef broth poured over roast in leisurely cooker

Pour the broth over the beef and wiggle the pieces down so that they’re as submerged as likely. It’s okay if they’re no longer entirely submerged, although.

cooked beef in leisurely cooker

Location the lid on the leisurely cooker and cook on excessive for 4-6 hours, or unless the beef is EASILY shreddable with a fork. I checked mine at 4 hours and it modified into as soon as mute a small bit no longer easy, so I let it fade for one other hour. At five hours I barely needed to touch it for the beef to shred into fine strands. You doubtlessly might maybe moreover cook it on low for 8 hours, although I incessantly suggest cooking uncooked meat on excessive for at the least one hour to operate sure it comes as much as a obtain temperature hasty.

shredded beef on plate with two forks

Pull the cooked beef chunks from the cooking liquid and shred them with a fork. Again, it goes to without articulate crumple when force is applied with the fork. If no longer, build it back in the cooker and let it fade for a small bit bit longer.

shredded beef in two Tupperware containers

I divided my shredded beef into two cup parts attributable to I estimate that’s what I’ll use for recipes with 4-6 servings. I then poured a cup or so of the cooking liquid back over the shredded beef to operate obvious it stays moist whereas in the freezer. Fabricate sure to chill the beef entirely in the refrigerator before transferring it to the freezer, and steadily attach and date frozen foods.

Multi-Reason Shredded Pork in Tupperware

To reheat your frozen beef, simply transfer it to a small pot and warmth over medium-low unless it is miles entirely thawed and reheated. That you just can moreover freeze the beef in quart-sized freezer baggage and lay them flat as they freeze to operate fine “bricks” of frozen beef. Then, comely decrease the web away and put the contents in a pot to reheat.

Halt tuned for uses for your Multi-Reason Pork! I’ll replace this publish with the recipes as the’re posted!

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