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Lemon Pudding Cake

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Mary Anne here. My Aunt Sheila used to be but one other terrific hostess and my finest memories of her revolve around her straightforward laughter and speedily-witted, sunny outlook, regardless of what problems she confronted in existence. She married my mother’s older brother, Leonard, honest appropriate after WWII and lived with my mother and Nana whereas Uncle Leonard used to be in the V.A. Scientific institution in Philadelphia (for 2 years!) convalescing from the loss of his leg in the war.

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My mother absolutely adored Sheila, and at the moment time, she composed usually reminisces about how unprecedented enjoyable they had collectively and one of the best diagram, despite the conditions that brought Sheila to stay with “ the in-authorized pointers”, she brightened everybody’s days proper through what’s going to must always were extremely advanced times. Sadly, Aunt Sheila handed away a couple of year-and-a-half ago, nonetheless her spirit lives on in the oldsters she touched.

I chose this recipe to fraction in our Household Affair menu no longer pleasurable to honor this favourite aunt, nonetheless also on story of it is my Uncle Leonard’s favourite dessert!

Uncle Leonard wrote the following in an email to me. I had some questions about the recipe and this is an facet of what he wrote:

It repeatedly fascinated me how the cake would upward thrust and the pudding would cease in the bottom.  I like most any food whereby the chief ingredient is lemon, nonetheless the pudding used to be indubitably my favourite of all time, either with vanilla ice cream, or with whipped cream after we had company.

When lemons were on sale, Sheila would usually purchase some ahead, freeze the juice, grate the lemon rind, freeze it too, and shock me with the pudding “off-season”.

Obtain you tried her Baked Custard but? When any of our chums weren’t feeling effectively, Sheila would directly bag some and take it to them.   Bob used to be also very fond of it too.  We took some up to him in Port Townsend when he used to be very sick, and it lasted this type of brief time that Sheila made one other batch for him whereas we were there.

I assume Baked custard will be on the menu soon! For now, safe pleasure from this straightforward tart treasure. Thanks, Aunt Sheila!

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Lemon Pudding Cake

Serves 6

Point to: Which you would possibly perchance perchance desire a 2-quart baking dish for this. This would possibly perchance also want to fit proper into a pan gigantic enough to accommodate a ½” water bathtub when baking.

Aunt Sheila renowned at the bottom of her recipe: For a richer dessert, unfold the chilled pudding with a thin layer of unsweetened whipped cream. Len likes it with vanilla ice cream in want to whipped cream. I in overall bag two batches at one time, as one batch doesn’t final lengthy in our home.


1 cup + ½ cup sugar, divided – stock

½ cup flour – stock

½ teaspoon baking powder – stock

¼ teaspoon salt – stock

3 eggs, separated – stock

2 teaspoons grated lemon rind (about 1½ gigantic lemons) – $1.59

¼ cup new squeezed lemon juice – incorporated above

2 Tablespoons melted butter – stock

1½ cups milk – stock

Enormous Whole Assuming Effectively-Stocked Pantry: $1.59

Per Serving: $0.27


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Frivolously butter (or spray with “Pam”) a 2-quart, rectangular baking dish.

2. Sift collectively the flour, 1 cup sugar, baking powder, and salt and situation aside.

3. The utilize of a mixer, whip the egg whites till stiff peaks assassinate. Beat in the extra ½ cup of sugar, one spoonful at a time. Build of living aside.

4. With out washing the beaters, beat the egg yolks till gentle. Add the lemon rind and lemon juice, the butter and the milk, stirring effectively to combine.

5. Step by step creep in the flour/sugar combination the utilize of a wood spoon.

6. Add the beaten egg whites and fold gently till no white flecks display. Transfer to the appealing baking dish. Build of living in a pan of HOT water, about ½” deep.

7. Bake for forty five minutes. The tip will be golden.

8. Earn away from oven and kick back in the fridge for at least 1 hour sooner than serving to enable the pudding to situation.

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