Hawaiian Banana Bread  Hawaiian Banana Bread 6020 hawaiian banana bread

Hawaiian Banana Bread

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Witness, the worst image of me ever taken, I judge. I’m in damage over the paint coloration that you simply scrutinize within the relieve of me, and am struggling from brain lumber after wanting at too many ability paint colours over a extremely rapid duration of time. On the opposite hand, it be one among those “me, now” pics that amuse me, so I figured I’d portion. Onward…

Hi there! Self description frequently throws me, but I will are attempting: I’m a hyper, writing, Yoga-practising, vogue-loving, almost-persistently-discovering out, very Form A, extremely home ovo-lacto vegetarian who’s enthusiastic about Nutella and has a extremely personable German Shepherd/Husky mix named Totsi. I judge that edifying about covers it.

Infrequently, every person desires a piece of Totsi, so right here she “bee”:

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