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Copycat Inexperienced Tea Lemon Drink

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“This is my version of Lipton’s Food regimen Lemon Inexperienced Tea drink, with out all that sodium!!! I forever appear to have a drink going and I in actuality detest ingesting undeniable water, so I figure I would possibly maybe well as effectively catch some extra advantages by ingesting green tea with all these tremendous oxidents. I even need to gape my sugar intake, so I purposely made it low in sugar…nonetheless this would possibly perhaps occasionally be flavored to private desire. I actually design a jug of in the present day time to day and wrestle thru the general thing. Attend this sizzling or cool”

Ready In:



  • 2

    g green tea (1 packet, preferably natural or decaffeinated)

  • 12

    lemon, juice of

  • 1

    tablespoon sugar (or command Splenda)


  • Brew the tea in a full tea pot. Timing will depend on how sturdy you treasure your tea. I in most cases let it sit for 15 minutes then dilute with sizzling water if necessary.
  • Transfer the liquid to a full jug and add lemon and sugar. Add extra sugar if necessary. Drink sizzling or cool.

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  1. gailanng  Copycat Inexperienced Tea Lemon Drink pie

    I’ve an abundance of lemons and I take to transform them into refreshing and beautiful lemon drinks. I, too, every so frequently add a squeeze within the back of the ear for a novel lemony smell. 😎

  2. Cookin-jo  Copycat Inexperienced Tea Lemon Drink fruit kebab

    I’m one other fan of that green tea drink nonetheless I hardly ever ever purchase it. Now I will design it at home! This will not be any longer precisely treasure the bottled version nonetheless it absolutely’s shut ample for me and can’t be less complicated with only 3 substances. The juice of half of a lemon became as soon as correct beautiful, and I ended up adding a puny extra water and extra Splenda. Thanks for an absolute best recipe!

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