Beef lettuce wraps

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By Betty Baboujon,

Andrew deGroot

These purple meat lettuce wraps pack a battalion of flavors by combining browned ground purple meat with a intelligent mixture of sweet, salty and energetic sauces and finishing it with new mint and cilantro.

Iceberg and romaine could perchance also moreover be substituted for the bibb lettuce.

From the memoir: Flavor on a leaf


Saute the ground purple meat unless completely cooked, about 5 minutes. Utilizing an attractive mesh strainer, drain the purple meat of all juices and oils.


Attach apart a medium saute pan over excessive heat. Add the grapeseed oil. Saute the water chestnuts unless crisp, 2 minutes. Add the purple meat, sweet chile sauce, soy sauce and kechap manis. Combine unless the sauces are integrated. Cook dinner about 1 minute. Add the mint and cilantro, mixing successfully.


Transfer the aggregate to a 4-ounce bowl and garnish with the inexperienced onions. Attach apart the bowl onto a bigger plate (the restaurant uses an 8-dawdle-sq. one). Encompass the bowl with the lettuce leaves. Succor with a spoon for scooping the filling into the leaves.

From chef Andrew deGroot of Yu Restaurant & Lounge in Santa Monica.

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