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Welsh Truffles (Bakestones)

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(Welsh truffles, in Welsh: picau ar y maen, pice bach, cacen gri or teisen radell)

1 March marks St David’s Day (the patron saint of Wales), so what better time to get hold of my veteran griddle out and arrangement a batch of Welsh truffles. I indulge in baking on my veteran griddle, it is about sixty years veteran and became my grandmother’s, and plenty a pancake, scorching cake, Welsh cake or singin’ hinny I non-public seen my grandmother arrangement on this much loved piece of vintage kitchen equipment.

Griddle cookery, or must I enlighten Girdle cookery to make employ of the Scottish and veteran customary English length of time for a griddle pan, veteran to be very widespread true thru the UK, with most housewives having a griddle at hand for without problems made tea time treats.

With most folk cooking on or over solid gasoline, the heavy solid-iron griddle pans had been ideal for pancakes, rapid breads and scone-like truffles, corresponding to the Welsh cake and its North Eastern cousin, the singin’ hinny. In Wales, solid-iron griddles are in overall identified as bakestones, and so these wee fruited truffles are in overall identified by the same name in certain parts of Wales, as nicely as griddle truffles.

Welsh truffles are incredibly easy to arrangement and at the same time as you happen to don’t non-public a primitive griddle, then a heavy solid-iron frying pan may well well additionally additionally be veteran as an different – nonetheless carry out now not strive to arrangement them in a as much as the moment non-stick pan, as they’ll burn when cooked this form. They would additionally additionally be made in under half of an hour and any that are now not eaten on the day may well well additionally additionally be popped into the college or office lunch box as a take care of the following day, although like all scone-vogue bakes, they are continuously better eaten on the same day, and when warm too.

You don’t need to be Welsh to love these Welsh Truffles, and to all my Welsh chums available, as nicely as all of the Welsh readers, all that stays for me to affirm is hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, which is Happy Saint David’s Day in Welsh!

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