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Watermelon House made Sports activities Drink

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While you’re craving a extra natural sports drink to vitality you thru your runs and rides this summer season, place that DIY watermelon model!  This homemade sports drink recipe aspects fair correct about a easy ingredients, tastes refreshing, and has the factual quantity of carbs and electrolytes to gas your workout routines.

Disclosure:  This put up is subsidized by the Nationwide Watermelon Promotion Board.  As continuously, all opinions are my admire.

Why a homemade sports drink?

There’s fully nothing sinful with commercial sports drinks within the marketplace – they’re useful and intensely purposeful for long workout routines.  Nonetheless I do know about a of you are making an strive to transfer away from issues like synthetic colors or obvious sweeteners.  If that’s the case, it is probably going to be extra now not easy to search out a store-equipped possibility.

That’s where this homemade sports drink comes into play.  This skill that of you’re making it yourself, you’re ready to better alter the ingredients you utilize.  This enables you to change your drink per your admire dietary preferences.

How to manufacture a DIY watermelon sports drink

The very best half about this recipe is that it’s E-A-S-Y.  You exclusively want these ingredients:

  • Watermelon
  • Lime
  • Brown rice syrup (or honey, or maple syrup, or sugar – all are now not mandatory reckoning on the dimension/form of your workout, nevertheless scrutinize notes on this below)
  • Salt
  • Icy water

Combine the ingredients in a blender and suppose – you’re done.  That it’s doubtless you’ll well likely pour it over ice in your water bottle to relax it down a minute extra within the event you’re about to take it out for a workout on a sizzling day.

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Why watermelon?

With the weather warming up, what better time than now to incorporate your favourite summertime fruit?!  Now not exclusively is watermelon supreme for summer season snacking, nevertheless it with out a doubt makes an glorious addition to your natural sports drink.

Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called L-citrulline, which would maybe simply have some connections to exercise restoration. As an instance, a 2017 ogle within the Journal of Food & Vitamin Review when put next half marathoners who drank both an L-citrulline enhanced watermelon juice or a placebo drink ahead of the dawdle. The improved watermelon juice team had less muscle soreness after the dawdle.

And varied study, like a 2016 ogle in Vitamins, showcased that watermelon puree can lead to the the same exercise performance as a commonplace sports drink.  Educated cyclists tackling a 75km time trial performed the the same whether or not they were ingesting watermelon puree or a commercial sports drink. Woohoo!

Now, I make favor to display that in that ogle, folks that consumed undeniable watermelon puree had a reasonably increased perceived anguish. Nonetheless, I want to wonder if this became connected to lack of sodium or the increased fructose ratio within the watermelon puree – both of which were quite varied from the commercial drink.

If exiguous modifications is probably going to be made to those to create a watermelon sports drink that’s closer to the commercial alternatives – like I’ve tried to make on this drink! – I’d venture to express that perceived anguish incompatibility could maybe well simply now not were there.

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What electrolytes are on this drink?

This homemade electrolyte drink packs in both sodium (from the salt) as wisely as potassium (naturally characterize within the watermelon).

At some level of exercise, you lose sodium in reasonably fleshy portions in sweat – so here’s key to interchange at some level of long workout routines.

You additionally lose potassium in smaller portions.  Most short-route runners and triathletes don’t favor to be overly alive to on potassium replenishment at some level of exercise, because it’s easy to admire up in a meal afterwards.

Nonetheless, it is an electrolyte that many folks naturally don’t compile sufficient of on a standard foundation.  And it does change into a better downside for these doing long-route races and extremely-races.

This skill that of of this, it’s gracious that the watermelon affords naturally-going down potassium in your sports drink.

Is it wholesome to add a sweetener to a sports drink?

Yes, if it’s being frail wisely – which is at some level of long exercise sessions.

Now not too long ago, I’m seeing extra those that want “no sugar” sports drinks for his or her workout routines.  Nonetheless here’s the topic with that – at some level of prolonged exercise (>75-90 minutes), your body wants that carbohydrate to abet gas your muscles.

These carbs can reach from sports drinks or gels or fruit or any source of your possibility, nevertheless you’re making ideally want some form of sugar (or obvious starches) to give a supplemental vitality source in your body.

Can folks make long persistence practicing with out taking in any carbohydrates?  Yes, nevertheless they won’t make optimally many of the time.

The added sweetener on this homemade sports drink brings the total carbohydrate as a lot as a factual quantity that suits most neatly-liked picks within the marketplace.  This can abet provide half or all of your fueling wants at some level of long workout routines.

A sports drink bottle crammed with a natural watermelon electrolyte drink  Watermelon House made Sports activities Drink Watermelon Sports Drink 4

Nonetheless there’s already sugar in watermelon – why add brown rice syrup?

Right here’s where my sports diet nerd position begins to reach back out in stout pressure. 😉 Let’s scrutinize on the science unimaginative this.  There are two reasons that I add a sweetener to this recipe:

1. Designate the comely carbohydrate concentration

Sports activities drinks ought to possess a carbohydrate resolution between 6-8%.  Quantities increased than this – particularly increased than 10% – can lead to slower stomach emptying and stomach upset.  And portions lower than this could maybe well trigger athletes to overdrink so as to compile sufficient gas.

Most commercial drinks within the marketplace tumble into this fluctuate. Nonetheless about a of the homemade drink recipes accessible are now not perfect, both in that they’re too extremely concentrated or don’t possess sufficient gas (within the event you’re planning to use it for that).

I’ve fastidiously crafted this sports drink so that the concentration is 7.9%, factual in that wheelhouse of our perfect fluctuate.

2. Provide a factual ratio of more than a few kinds of sugar

Industrial sports drinks are on occasion made with a explicit mix of more than a few forms of sugar – in most cases a 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio, or a mix of maltodextrin and fructose.

Review reveals these blends promote optimal absorption.  The body can exclusively absorb so noteworthy of one sugar (like glucose or fructose) in my belief, nevertheless by combining them you’re ready to compile extra lustrous uptake and less gastrointestinal upset.

Watermelon affords some glucose nevertheless has a increased percentage of fructose – so if we wish the most perfect formula for our drink, then we favor to add an additional sweetener that’s extra glucose-heavy.  This helps to operate closer to a 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio.

That’s where the brown rice syrup is available in.

Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from – you guessed it – rice.  There are three sugars that manufacture up brown rice syrup – maltotriose, maltose, and glucose.  The first two are fair correct extra than one chains of the final; maltotriose is three glucose molecules whereas maltose is two.  All are damaged down and absorbed in a quick time in your body.

Must you utilize brown rice syrup (practically exclusively glucose or short chains of such) on the side of watermelon (mostly fructose) you cease up with a miles extra scientific pairing in your sports drink than using honey or every other sweetener.

Are you able to replace honey, maple syrup, or sugar as a alternative?

Yes, for clear.  You’ll cease up with a mix that’s “less perfect” nevertheless this could maybe well simply now not be an topic for a lot of athletes.

Some athletes could maybe well simply skills GI upset with obvious sweeteners, resulting from the plenty of mix of sugars.  It depends on how long you’re accessible exercising, your digestive scheme, how noteworthy you’re ingesting, etc.  There’s no supreme science here.

Now, will this be an topic for every person?  For sure now not.  While you don’t tend to have a cozy digestive scheme, that that it’s doubtless you’ll well likely likely strive substituting both of these three in your drink:

  • Desk sugar (50% glucose, 50% fructose)
  • Maple syrup (33% water, 60% sucrose – aka equal mix glucose and fructose)
  • Honey (20% water, 30% glucose, and 40% fructose)

The exclusively sweetener I’d strongly characterize against is agave nectar, because it’s in general very excessive in fructose – around 70-90% – so that you just’d lack a steadiness for the sports drink.

House made sports drink in two glasses subsequent to a look and headphones  Watermelon House made Sports activities Drink Watermelon Sports Drink 3

Are you able to skip the sweetener and fair correct use watermelon puree?

Yes, and I in actuality recommend that for the following scenarios:

  • Rapid workout routines on sizzling days where you don’t want as noteworthy sugar nevertheless peaceable want the electrolytes
  • Longer unhurried workout routines – i.e. a protracted stroll with pals, a in reality contented bike traipse to perceive brunch
  • Must you’re making this in your younger kiddos for his or her carrying events

To your longer intense workout routines even when, have in tips that skipping the sweetener manner you cease up with less gas within the drink.  That it’s doubtless you’ll well likely simply tumble short in your fueling wants within the event you’re now not supplementing your sports drink with every other gas source.

Though-provoking be aware the time and intensity pointers:

  • Exercising longer than 75-90 minutes at life like to excessive intensity? Add the sweetener (or supplement with extra gas).
  • Shorter workout (or a protracted unhurried exercise)? Skip it!

PS – Watermelon Cut of Joy Contest!

Whether you’re celebrating a take at your local dawdle using this homemade watermelon sports drink, or you’re absorbing some rays on the seashore whereas snacking on a nick – manufacture clear to half your “nick of joy” on Instagram.  The Nationwide Watermelon Promotion Board would maybe be choosing winners weekly all summer season to take some candy watermelon swag!

Enter weekly from Memorial Day thru Labor Day by posting your photos and caption to Instagram: My Cut of Joy is _____________. #SliceOfJoyContest  (Extra necessary aspects and pleasant tips here!)

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I’m hoping you compile pleasure from this watermelon sports drink as noteworthy as I make!  While you compile an opportunity to strive it, manufacture clear to put up within the comments and let me know how you discover it irresistible.

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Watermelon House made Sports activities Drink

Snacking in Sneakers

This refreshing watermelon homemade sports drink is supreme to gas your workout routines!

Prep Time 5 mins

Cook dinner Time 0 mins

Total Time 5 mins

Route Drinks

Cuisine American

Servings 2 servings

Calories 111 kcal


  • 3 cups chopped watermelon
  • 1 cup frigid water
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp brown rice syrup (or honey or maple syrup; sweetener now not mandatory reckoning on workout- scrutinize notes)


  • House all ingredients in a blender. Blend until wisely blended. Pour into a sports drink bottle over ice. Revel in!



  • This recipe makes two servings of 12-oz. every.
  • Brown rice syrup will create the most perfect mix of carbohydrates, nevertheless honey, maple syrup, or table sugar can all be substituted.
  • In case your workout is longer than 75-90 minutes and is a practicing-explicit workout, use the sweetener.  If the workout is shorter than that, or within the event you are fair correct occurring a protracted unhurried stroll/bike traipse, skip the sweetener.

Vitamin prognosis (per serving):

111 calories, 0.4 g fleshy, 0 g sat fleshy, 315 mg sodium, 28 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 20 g sugar, 1.5 g protein, Vitamin A: 26%, Vitamin C: 42%, Calcium: 2%, Iron: 3%, Potassium: 8% (281 mg)


Calories: 111kcal

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Section:  What’s your favourite plan to use watermelon?  While you tried this homemade sports drink, what did you suspect?

Lastly – manufacture clear to set up out the Watermelon Board’s web put of dwelling for extra tasty watermelon recipes and inspiration, and don’t forget to set up out these put up workout watermelon lime protein gummies to compile pleasure from after your sweat sesh!.

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