Time for a Drink: Cap Haitien Rum & Honey Recipe

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Let’s originate the weekend sincere–with a cocktail recipe from Paul Clarke (The Cocktail Chronicles). Want extra than one? Hit up the archives. Cheers!

While in most cases an night requires a drink with masses of prospers, some of the most gratifying drinks in the mixological pantheon are also the most straightforward. The Cap Haitien Rum & Honey is about as easy to address as it sounds, but when made with care, the drink is considerable extra complex than its moniker implies.

First printed in Charles H. Baker’s The Gentleman’s Accomplice, printed in 1939, the Cap Haitien Rum & Honey changed into once at the origin formulated with a raw, white Haitian rum in mind. Barbancourt is the first producer and importer of Haitian rum, which is constituted of new sugarcane juice in space of molasses, as is former in most rums on the market. Available styles consist of a grassy white rum, along side 8-Three hundred and sixty five days-old and 15-Three hundred and sixty five days-old kinds.

Baker suggests lending richness and mellowness to the drink by mixing white Haitian rum with the smoothness of aged Bacardi. At Heaven’s Dog in San Francisco, bartenders reach for yet one more stage of flavor by mixing the define persona of 15-Three hundred and sixty five days-old Barbancourt with a in the community sourced honey, and by including a shuffle or two of Angostura bitters.

Rich and flavorful, the Cap Haitien Rum & Honey proves that simplicity is ceaselessly the very finest system when settling on a drink to originate the weekend.

  • 2 1/2 oz. Barbancourt 15-Three hundred and sixty five days-old rum (or mix Barbancourt white with an aged rum corresponding to Bacardi 8)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons honey, to model (the drink will mix more straightforward if the honey is diluted with an equal amount of sizzling water)
  • 1 to 2 dashes Angostura bitters (no longer mandatory)
  1. Pour diluted honey to an old well-liked glass and add rum and bitters, if desired; drag to mix. Earn glass with ice and drag till chilled.

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