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Tie-Dyed Angel Food Cake

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Since my college degree was Home Economics Education with a concentration on cooking, I tend to rate recipes somewhat like a teacher. A recipe that was ultra easy to prepare, delicious, and I ate until I was sick and would feed to anyone will earn you 5 stars. If something was missing, cooking time was off quite a bit, amounts of ingredients were off…just a little something will get you 4 stars. So on and so forth.

My likes/dislikes, pet peeves, etc: Hot food that’s cold, cold food that’s hot. Also, I’ve read several “reviews” by people here who are totally critical to the negative that give the impression that they feel they are the all-knowing authority on the subject. Chances are, they do not know everything about whatever it is they are talking about and their comments make me feel like giving them a swift kick in the hind end. I guess I just feel if you have some kind of positive advice or if are giving negative reviews that have a valid justification, that’s cool. But if you’re just ripping someone to shreds, you’re rude and hateful and I don’t like that.

My favorite recipes tend to be those “family-style” things like comfort food. Of course, I love to try new and different things, but must be VERY careful due to the intestines problem.


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Whilst you happen to could perhaps perhaps enjoy took space to cease on this page this capacity that of you had been viewing one amongst Amy’s (Redneck Epicurean’s) recipes or having a peruse by people and appreciated her title, I’d grab to grab the replacement to introduce to you basically the most unparalleled lady I in actual fact enjoy had the honor of calling “buddy.” Amy used to be a breath of new air that poured sunshine onto all around her. Her smile used to be evident in every forum post as effectively in her dazzling descriptions of recipes. Amy touched the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people right here at Zaar and her love used to be felt worldwide. Her “message” used to be a straightforward one, dwell existence to the fullest, cease drag, love your relatives day to day, and don’t sweat the exiguous stuff. If reality be told, Amy used to be so drag and outgoing that quite quite a bit of people did no longer even imprint the seriousness of her illness.

The day Amy passed away used to be one amongst the saddest moments right here in the Zaar neighborhood. Tears throughout the sector had been shed on that day. Unable to help the funeral and point to our love, people sent single crimson roses tagged with their Zaar title and nation alongside with a single white rose to portray Amy, our loved Redneck Epicurean.

The outpouring of love from her Zaar household used to be overwhelming and brought much comfort to her household. This in actual fact is a excellent space! Fortunately, now we enjoy Amy’s page to remind us of how particular she used to be. I hope you grab a 2nd or two to learn her page and browse by her dazzling recipes, and take away a pair of to make (she loved critiques!) Whilst you happen to could perhaps perhaps enjoy a query you’d like answered about one amongst the recipes, please in actual fact be at liberty to quiz in the neighborhood.


Can also 14, 2007: Our neighborhood lost a effectively-loved buddy the day previous when Amy passed away. We are all worried and saddened to lose Amy, and there are plenty of threads for expressing your condolences.

Kathy at Recipezaar

Hi there Y’all! My title is Amy and I in actual fact enjoy fully moved in to Recipezaar. It’s now my home some distance from the effectively being facility and I uncover it irresistible. I in actual fact enjoy was mates with so many enormous of us right here, it has been a blessing. It used to be unparalleled to me to know that fairly of worm take care of me could perhaps perhaps make such an impression whereas being disabled. I’m a diabetic who refuses to let effectively being issues acquire me down. I’m 27, single, and dwell in a rural space. I’m a born-as soon as more Christian, a Baptist by denomination, and a huge cook by the Grace of God.

I near from a protracted line of cooks on both aspect of the household. Granny used to be a lunch lady and Mamaw came from a heart-broken household the establish meals used to be “nation” this capacity that of they raised a backyard and their very accept as true with animals. Mom used to be a cease-at-home and she raised me and Chris (my DS) to cook so we could perhaps perhaps grab ourselves a individual; neither of us are married this deliver day. (Whilst you happen to could perhaps perhaps enjoy a son who’s inclined between 23-30, please send image resume to my email take care of if he is having a peruse for a wife who excels at domestics. j/k)

I grab to cook, get recipes, cookbooks, apple stuff for my kitchen, and Cinderella stuff. I enjoy throwing dinner events, cooking for Pop and Mom and most regularly Chris, scrapbooking (my 2nd authorized passion, excellent to meals), and making new mates. I grab to listen to from of us in each space. There could be lots to learn from all the pieces right here at Zaar. I love the brand new plot and deem the elves develop a huge job. My dream job is opening my accept as true with restaurant, followed by working for Zaar, which I hear is an expertise all in itself. A total bunch labor and quite quite a bit of dazzling rewards.

My authorized chef of all times is Paula Deen and if I had upon gunpoint to take any other mom, it could probably perhaps be her. BUT I’m in love with her son Bobby (the one one) and would grab to accurate snatch him up and was the next DEEN daughter-in-law.

A diminutive bit extra about my faith…I’m a born as soon as more Christian. I’m going to a exiguous nation church the establish the massive majority of us are household and my household cemetery is on the property. We now enjoy “eatin’ meetin’s” every fifth Sunday, holidays, and every other likelihood we can acquire. Infrequently it is fat meals and most regularly it is soup and sandwiches. Many of the females at my church are accurate cooks. Each person knows I’ve had gourmet coaching and in actual fact put a query to if I bring something for it to be accurate, in particular since my mom is a huge cook too. (Glimpse her chocolate pie recipe in my cookbook.) When the Christians all get in heaven for the Feast that won’t ever cease (and let me accurate deliver, if my project, I in actual fact enjoy unsightly issues with the intestines) I won’t enjoy tummy issues, I will consume take care of there could be rarely a the next day, and I shall be the one including cinammon to the milk and honey this capacity that of Jesus knows I uncover it irresistible! Whilst you happen to don’t know Jesus as your non-public Savior or enjoy extra questions about God, Salvation, coming into into heaven…accurate zmail or email me. I will be happy to share my testimony and what I do know. God has blessed my existence lots with issues that my cup overflows. I’m no longer a form of of us who God is all they focus on, nonetheless He and my faith are such an crucial part of my existence, I will be able to not merit nonetheless share it.

Jill is growing up so swiftly. She‘s gotten mountainous ample to hop up on the kitchen counters which automatically grants her a spanking with a newspaper. Her authorized issues now are boxing with her Poppi (my dad), following Granny wherever and in each space she goes, and sneaking below the covers and lying next to me so I will‘t roll over. She‘s getting so mountainous!

Since my college level used to be House Economics Education with a concentration on cooking, I are more probably to charge recipes a diminutive bit take care of a teacher. A recipe that used to be ultra easy to prepare, delicious, and I ate till I was sick and would feed to any individual will accept you 5 stars. If something used to be missing, cooking time used to be off fairly fairly, amounts of ingredients had been off…accurate fairly of something will acquire you 4 stars. So on and so forth.

My likes/dislikes, pet peeves, and many others: Scorching meals that’s frigid, frigid meals that’s scorching. Additionally, I’ve learn quite quite a bit of “critiques” by of us right here who’re fully crucial to the unfavorable that give the impression that they truly feel they are the all-shining authority on the realm. Probability is, they develop no longer know all the pieces about no topic it is they are talking about and their comments make me in actual fact feel take care of giving them a swift kick in the hind cease. I speak I accurate in actual fact feel whilst you happen to could perhaps perhaps enjoy some extra or less drag suggestion or if are giving unfavorable critiques which enjoy a honorable justification, that’s frigid. But whilst you happen to’re accurate ripping any individual to shreds, you’re vulgar and hateful and I don’t take care of that.

My authorized recipes are more probably to be these “household-model” issues take care of comfort meals. After all, I grab to grab a peruse at new and varied issues, nonetheless must be VERY careful this capacity that of the intestines project.


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