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Sugar Free Strawberry Iced Tea

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“That is a 3-ingredient, sugar free, strawberry flavored iced tea. Substances are: orange pekoe & black tea, water, and 1 container of Wal-mart’s Huge Value Sugar Free Strawberry Flavored Drink Mix. Cowl: Cook time is heating the water and steeping the tea.”

Ready In:
1hr 17mins



  • 9

    traditional dimension tea luggage (orange pekoe & black tea)

  • 8

    cups water, divided

  • 1

    packet sugar free strawberry flavored powdered drink mix


  • Build tea luggage in a 2-quart dimension glass pitcher.
  • In a medium dimension saucepan, raise 4 cups of water practically to a boil.
  • Clutch pan from heat, as rapidly as you watch bubbles commence to come to the ground.
  • Pour the new water over the tea luggage within the glass pitcher.
  • Disguise the pitcher with plastic wrap, and let the tea steep for 1 hour.
  • After one hour; fastidiously squeeze tea/water from the tea luggage into the pitcher; disappear, then discard the tea luggage.
  • Disguise the pitcher, then let take a seat till the tea has cooled down a shrimp more.
  • As soon as the tea has cooled, add the packet of sugar free strawberry flavored drink mix, and the 4 cups of chilly water, and disappear.
  • Refrigerate the tea till or now not it’s chilled, then pour in glasses stuffed with ice.

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