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Strawberry Shortcake Cake

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IMPORTANT: Be obvious to use a cake pan that’s no longer much less than 2 inches deep! Sooner than baking, the batter mustn’t ever have the pan extra than halfway.

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I was as soon as bored (learn: hungry, ravenous, craving sugar) the day past and I had a bunch of strawberries in my fridge. I additionally had a laundry room stuffed with dirty laundry, a sink plump of breakfast dishes, and a necessary ax to grind.

So I obvious to bake. It’s what I attain as soon as I have an ax to grind.

I got here *this shut* to making strawberry shortcake—I had plenty of heavy cream in my fridge as successfully, which I might maybe additionally with out issues have sweetened, whipped, and plopped over the head of candy biscuits and syrupy strawberries. Been there, carried out that…dozens of times.

But the day past, I wished to be plenty of.

So I created one thing else. I created…a cake. It’s a unsuitable between strawberry shortcake and strawberry cake. And secure this: I got in actuality inventive and determined to title it…Strawberry Shortcake Cake. I’m inventive that procedure.

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The Solid of Characters (for the cake): Unsalted Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Sour Cream, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Flour, Salt, and Cornstarch.

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For the icing/topping: Recent Strawberries, Unsalted Butter, Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar, and Vanilla. And a hump of salt, too.

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Launch by sifting together flour, salt, baking soda, and cornstarch. This cake is customized from one of my favourite sponge cake recipes of all time. I knew it’d be most attention-grabbing for this cake—I’ll impress you why later.

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Sift the ingredients onto a sheet of waxed paper; that procedure, possibilities are you’ll perchance presumably fold it up and raise it over to the mixer in a minute.

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Throw the butter and sugar into the integration bowl.

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Cream it till it’s light and fluffy.

(Attain you write till? Or attain you write ’til? I wrote ’til till any individual honest no longer too long ago plan me straight.)

(Or attain you write till, devour most literate other folks attain?)

Never solutions. Don’t reply that.

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Add within the eggs one at a time, mixing gently after every addition.

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Subsequent, add the bitter cream…

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And the vanilla.

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Combine together till easy.

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Now dump within the sifted ingredients…

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And combine it valid till ingredients are mixed. I basically live valid wanting it being fully mixed so I’m in a position to give it a poke or two with the rubber spatula.

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You would prefer an 8-trail cake pan. I obvious to realize 8-trail in want to 10-trail since it’s smaller and cuter.

Very unlike my bottom.

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VERY generously spray the underside and sides of the pan with cooking spray, which, let’s face it, is SO unheard of more straightforward than rubbing the interior of the pan with butter, then tapping flour all the procedure in which thru it.

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I reward the DAY I came across cooking SPRAY.

That is largely a jingle, a poem, or a rap, hunting for your wants.

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Pour the batter into the greased pan…

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Then, with an offset spatula, secure the flooring as stage as possibilities are you’ll perchance presumably.

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Then bake the cake at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes, or till no longer jiggly. And please utter: the cake tends to secure dazzling golden brown on the exterior when it bakes…but it absolutely’s most attention-grabbing interior. Here, I’ve inverted the baked cake onto a cooling rack and positioned it by an starting up window (it was as soon as chilly exterior the day past) so it’ll flee up and chilly down—it must be fully cooled sooner than I’m in a position to ice it.

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Within the intervening time, stem and gash the strawberries. I cherish using the tip of a spoon to stem strawberries; that’s how my mother repeatedly did it.

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As soon as they’re stemmed…

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Gash them in half of from prime to bottom.

Image (23) 3520729712_4218db3c5e.jpg for submit 11487

Throw the strawberry halves into a bowl…

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Sprinkle the sugar over the head.

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Image (26) 3520730790_23c2dd70de.jpg for submit 11487

Then give ’em a bit poke.

Now, let the strawberries sit down for half-hour. They’ll commence to give off juice, that might also merely combine with the sugar to invent a constructive syrupy liquid. Delish.

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After half-hour, mash the strawberries on a plate with a fork.

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As soon as they’re mashed (possibilities are you’ll perchance presumably mash as unheard of or as minute as you’d devour), sprinkle on a bit extra sugar. Allow them to sit down for one other half-hour to secure constructive and juicy and syrupy. (I halved the strawberries and mashed them on two separate plates.)

(And for you adventurous forms: here’s where possibilities are you’ll perchance additionally splash valid a bit bit of Sizable Marnier over the strawberries. It’ll label the cake extra yum, and can cure your aches and bother.)

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As soon as the cake is fully cooled, label the icing. Throw the cream cheese and unsalted butter into the integration bowl…

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Combine it together till light and fluffy.

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Sift the powdered sugar and throw it in. Add the vanilla here, too, along with a hump of salt.

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Beat the icing till it’s light and fluffy, just a few minute on excessive. Here’s where the stagger attachment of your mixer comes into play—it in actuality will get the air into the icing. (A hand mixer works valid as successfully!)

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Mmmm. Cream cheese icing. The stuff that wants are fabricated from.

Image (34) 3519922421_0caa52ea50.jpg for submit 11487

Be obvious the cake isn’t the least bit warm.

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Then, with an extended, serrated knife, gash the cake completely in half of.

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The texture of this cake is de facto one thing. Here’s why I obvious to use it:

Image (38) 3520739874_dd1bf82211.jpg for submit 11487

It’s big sufficient to delay if you unfold the strawberries over the head. Half the berries scuttle on the underside…

Image (39) 3520740384_dc646940a8.jpg for submit 11487

Be obvious to pour your total candy juices over the head. They’ll soak into the cake and label you a happier particular person.

Now, repeat with the plenty of half of the cake and the plenty of half of of the berries, then plan both halves into the freezer for about five minutes. Lope forward and stick the icing into the freezer, too. This’ll chilly every little thing down valid a bit and abet the icing project. (Factual don’t let the icing preserve in unheard of longer than that; the butter will change into firm very quickly.)

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Even as you’re ready, plan the underside half of onto a dazzling cake plate or pedestal. I cherish this dadgum pedestal.

I got it on eBay, devour, closing century. Rather literally. Fenton Milk Glass. Totally kitschy, man.

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Plop somewhat much less than a third of the icing on prime of the strawberries…

Image (42) 3519931477_2e45817595.jpg for submit 11487

And unfold it out, being careful no longer to disrupt the strawberries too unheard of.

Image (43) 3519931931_a78c70401c.jpg for submit 11487

No must be overly intellectual. The icing can hold over the perimeters a bit.

Image (44) 3520744308_9aeee79045.jpg for submit 11487

Subsequent, plan the plenty of strawberry-lined half of on prime.

Image (45) 3520744670_ecf63a15b5.jpg for submit 11487

Plop half of of the rest icing on prime…

Image (46) 3519933193_5fab54ca66.jpg for submit 11487

And unfold it out evenly, being careful no longer to disrupt the strawberries too unheard of.

*Significant: at this stage, I stuck the cake abet into the freezer for about 5 to 7 minutes sooner than icing the rest of it. It’s a crazy behavior of mine.

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Even as you pull it out, commence to fear when you’re losing daylight quickly. Use the rest icing to duvet the perimeters of the cake.

Image (48) 3519933977_c9389c3a5a.jpg for submit 11487

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Mmmm. Having a witness valid!

Image (50) 3519934745_c4d5efbbeb.jpg for submit 11487

Even as you occur to secure icing on the plate or pedestal, valid use a moist paper towel or cloth to magnificent it valid off. Marlboro Man repeatedly makes fun of me as soon as I attain this, specifically as soon as I’m serving the kids Spaghetti-O’s.

Image (51) 3520747438_7b4a71997e.jpg for submit 11487

Smartly HELLO, my enticing lover! It’s very constructive to finally meet you head to experience.

I have the cake appears to be like constructive the vogue it is—possibilities are you’ll perchance presumably gape hints of strawberries peeking thru the icing, and it’s invent of pure and uncontrived. But must you wished to, possibilities are you’ll perchance additionally artfully prepare strawberry halves all the procedure in which thru the head in any different of designs.

But I’d somewhat utilize that time bright it.

Image (52) 3520748042_a3c238cb1a.jpg for submit 11487

I’m in a position to’t in actuality bid about how valid this was as soon as. If I tried, I’d commence crying.

It’s the most easy strawberry shortcake cake I’ve ever eaten. An absolute delight!

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