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We couldn’t maintain sufficient money to clutch plant life so I believed this was a kindly different and FREE!



Whats up! Zesty is help for his closing characteristic with the Summer time Glow Boot Camp! I’m hoping it’s in all probability you’ll presumably maintain got enjoyed his recipes and bought some novel solutions out of them.

Gain it away Zesty!


How about taking slow root vegetables and cooking them reasonably various?  Ever search what to construct for dinner all day?  Keep that speedily and easy hearty dish. I began with some turnip, carrot, parsnip and Brussels sprouts then added some flavors to study.

The flavors I selected incorporated honey, thyme and apple juice.  The beauty of the honey, earthiness of the thyme, and the acid invent the apple juice was a colossal steadiness.



* 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil

* 1 Turnip

* 1 Extensive Carrot

* 1 Extensive Parsnip

* 6 Brussels Sprouts

* 2 Tbsp. Honey (or maple syrup/agave for a vegan model)

* 1/4 Cup Apple Juice

* 3 Sprigs Unique Thyme

* 2 Cloves Garlic

* Salt and Pepper



1. Prepare Vegetables


2. Preheat colossal saucepan oh high heat

3. Add olive oil to pan


4. Add Garlic

5. Add all various root vegetables with the exception of Brussels sprouts


6. Cook on high heat stirring steadily for 5-7 minutes to caramelize the vegetables

7. Add Brussels Sprouts and Thyme

8. Cook for 3 minutes


9. Add honey, and apple juice and produce to a boil

10. Simmer with lid for 10-Quarter-hour until vegetables are comfy


11. ENJOY!


Zesty Tip: Quite than apple juice for this recipe, are trying your favourite wine (crimson or white) to give it a richer taste. At the same time as you happen to procure wine construct determined to let the alcohol burn off sooner than putting the lid on to maintain out the cooking route of.


Thanks Zesty! This looks to be completely good. 😀 I love the recommendation to make consume of wine too. It is the least bit times exceptional to me how the absolute top and most traditional/unprocessed substances can search (and taste!) so exceptional when they are completed.

As of late’s ask: What’s your favourite system to eat vegetables?

I love roasting veggies on the BBQ in a bit olive oil….so good!


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