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Rapid-And-Easy Peach Parcels

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A ten-minute, throw-collectively dessert! So easy…and so savory.

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  • 8 entire Storebought Crepes (I Used Melissa’s Ticket)
  • 1 entire Ripe Peach, Pitted And Cut back Into Chunks
  • 3 tbsp. Butter, Softened
  • 1/4 c. Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 1 tsp. Peach Schnaaps (optional)
  • Freshly Whipped Cream
  • Special Equipment: Clothespins


  • Preheat oven to 350 levels.

    In a bowl, mix collectively softened butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and peach schnaaps, if the expend of.

    Working one after the other, lay a crepe on a flat ground and space just a few peach chunks in the guts. Spoon a cramped little bit of the butter mixture on high of the peach chunks, then swiftly get the crepe precise into a “parcel.” Safe with a clothespin.

    Repeat with supreme crepes. Effect in mind that the crepes dry out in a short time, so correct work with them one after the other. Develop no longer anguish must you journey a cramped crack or plod; they’re going to easy be yummy.

    Bake at 350 levels for a entire lot of nice 3 to 5 minutes, looking at to make fantastic they fabricate no longer burn. (Crepes burn very with out concerns; retain an survey out!)

    To back, spoon whipped cream onto a plate. Characteristic warmth peach parcel in the guts of the whipped cream and garnish with cramped peach slices.

    Very barely/fancy…cramped or no effort!


These are essentially enjoyable. Fancy. And they also like ten minutes to fabricate.

Image (1) 6052918480_ec4a1fa29b_z.jpg for post 10323

Warning: I aged storebought crepes! In case you’re a crepe person, it’s likely you’ll well be in a station to fabricate your agree with and so that they’d doubtlessly be even better. But to retain this dessert in the throw-collectively category of your lifestyles, it’s likely you’ll well per chance also unbiased settle on to make expend of storebought ones. Melissa will essentially esteem it.

Who is Melissa, anyway? Is she chums with Sara Lee? Is she linked to Ann Taylor?

These are the questions that retain me up at night.


Halve a peach.

By the formula, it’s likely you’ll well per chance gape that I’m on barely of a peach kick. If so, your commentary is genuine. I’m on a peach kick. But there’s a extremely, essentially correct procedure of that:

I love peaches.

Image (2) 6052919086_0be79ef5ee_z.jpg for post 10323

Cut back each and each peach into 6 to 8 slices, then sever each and each prick in half to draw chunks.

Image (3) 6052919392_8f55b633ec_z.jpg for post 10323

Throw a cramped softened butter precise into a bowl…

Image (4) 6052368413_697fcf07a2_z.jpg for post 10323

Then throw in some brown sugar.

Brown sugar. Correct.

(Okay, I even settle on to notify it. I stumbled on The Hulk on Twitter, and I’m playing it a cramped too a lot. He shouts quite a bit.)


I retain forwarding Hulk tweets to my kid sister Betsy and she’s no longer essentially that amused.

But I am.

Image (5) 6052368713_70917a3d9a_z.jpg for post 10323

Then add a cramped little bit of vanilla…and a cramped peach schnaaps, however most nice must it’s likely you’ll well love to! Then plod it up until it’s fine and subtle.

Image (6) 6052369313_95b700e32b_z.jpg for post 10323

Next, take dangle of a crepe. They dry out very, in a short time, so correct settle on away them from the equipment one after the other. And don’t, love, settle on a phone spoil or something else. Descend on a little bit of peach, then a mountainous tumble of the buttery/sugary/vanilla mixture.

Image (7) 6052920904_f0c6652a1f_z.jpg for post 10323

Accumulate up the edges of the crepe in order that it creates a cramped parcel…or bundle…or purse. Then correct clip it on the side of a clothespin!

I picture you what–the sector’s correct long gone loopy. All this excessive-tech equipment!

Image (8) 6052369065_7314421bac_z.jpg for post 10323

Train them on a baking sheet–one with water spots would perchance well per chance be most accepted so I’ll essentially feel better about myself. Then correct bake the cramped cuties for (Hulk alert. Brace yourself.) ONLY FOR ABOUT 3 TO 5 MINUTES, MAXIMUM. Seriously–I’ve burned these at 6 minutes, as the crepes are so comfy. And we’re no longer desirous in regards to the butter/sugar/peach caramelizing or baking or something else; it’s correct about warming up and melting.

Image (9) 6052369905_85574b3ba1_z.jpg for post 10323

To back to your company, who will deem you’ve slaved over something very subtle, correct plop some freshly whipped (and a cramped lumpy) whipped cream in the guts of a plate.

Image (10) 6052370213_d119087b68_z.jpg for post 10323

Reveal the cope with of the clothespin to space the parcel ultimate in the guts of the whipped cream, then settle on away the clothespin!

Image (11) 6052921720_f15c8f5d4a_z.jpg for post 10323

I deem clipping the clothespin on the plate is cute. And hokey. And cute. And hokey.

Image (12) 6052922296_7cdf7d5155_z.jpg for post 10323

Then correct lay some thin cramped slivers of peach on the facet in the fanciest sample it’s likely you’ll well be in a station to advance up with, correct to conceal the crinkle the clothespin made. And likewise it’s likely you’ll well be in a station to even drizzle on a cramped storebought caramel sauce, correct to enact it off. Yum.

And this took ten minutes. Ten. Goldarn. Minutes.

And it’s correct! Warmth buttery, peach…crisp, flavorful crepe. Adorable presentation. A cinch to throw collectively.

Even The Hulk would to find it irresistible.


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