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7 Healthy Shepherd’s Pie Recipes to Warm You Up

Frosty days name for comfort meals and whereas the layers of meat and potatoes in shepherd’s pie can also appear a diminutive bit heavy, there are masses of delectable systems to lighten it up. From vegetarian shepherd’s pie with lentils to shepherd’s pie with creamy chicken and mushrooms, these are about a of our favourite shepherd’s pie recipes with a healthy twist.

Collard & Rice Dumplings with Mamba 9 Sauce

Right here tender collards are wrapped round a filling of rice and lamb spiked with Jap ingredients cherish sake and furikake, then baked in a barbecue-cherish sauce that will get sweetness from pineapple juice, for an incredibly flavorful dish. Darkish leafy greens cherish collards are the substandard of the African Heritage Diet meals pyramid, a sample of ingesting that pulls from the foodways of the African diaspora. It is in all probability you’ll well maybe create more sauce than you will want, but you’re going to also merely not be angry about it! Freeze it away and succor with grilled pork, chicken or tofu.

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