Frose frozen wine cocktail recipe  Frose frozen wine cocktail recipe 2962 frose frozen wine cocktail recipe

Frose frozen wine cocktail recipe

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Fitzroy Iced up. Record: Kristoffer Paulsen


OK, Like minded pronouncing the notice “frosé” makes us cocktail nerds are making an attempt to smooth our mouths out with natural, Fairtrade, single-starting set whisky. Nonetheless we’re right here to own stress-free, so we will build our pretensions away and level to you originate a kick-ass grown-up slushy to uncover your crimson drinks to the following stage. This model uses strawberries (because they’re SO CHEAP upright now), coconut water (because #cleanliving) and salt to retain you hydrated for long periods of daylight hours savings slurping*.


1 bottle dry rosé

1 punnet contemporary strawberries

100ml sugar syrup

30ml contemporary lemon juice

250ml coconut water

½ tsp teaspoon salt

mint to garnish


In a immense jug, mix the rosé, sugar syrup and coconut water. Pour the combination into ice dice trays or takeaway containers and freeze in a single day.

Add the frozen rosé mix cubes along with the closing ingredients to a blender, and blend until tender.

Pour into glasses of your preference and garnish with contemporary mint.

*Right here is now now not truly a ingredient. Booze will dehydrate you it is now now not truly essential what, however salt is luscious.

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