Energizing and Crunchy Banana-Plantain Smoothie Bowl

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One day I aroused from sleep and grow to be once love: Why selected between plantains and bananas for breakfast? Why now not have each and every and double the savory stress-free??

So the main time I determined to procure a plantain it grow to be once a runt of a bust. The true fact that it looked love a prime banana easiest made me more nervous! The comic squawk is I sold the plantain when it grow to be once technically ripe (yellow with mountainous sunless spots and a runt delicate to the touch). On the replacement hand, when I attempted to peel it, and found that the pores and skin didn’t disappear off easily love a banana, I really threw the fruit out pondering I had messed up earlier than I’d even tried cooking it.

About per week within the past, while looking out copious quantities of ripe bananas for inexperienced smoothies, I looked furtively at the runt plantain share again. Sooner than I knew it I had resolutely positioned a plantain in my cart. I grow to be once ready to buy a glimpse at again and really contemplate about up (duh, I guess) some data on plantains and the particular approach to cook dinner with them.

I’m really overjoyed I did attributable to now I have for you one of my accepted inexperienced smoothie concoctions! It’s pretty bangin’ just and I’m really livid to share with you the intention in which straightforward it is far to put together.

My accepted time of day to drink appreciate this smoothie bowl is after a morning workout. I derive that smoothie bowls would be really hydrating, however furthermore develop me really feel love I ate my food in stammer of drank it.

The chilly, fruity liquid feels so refreshing sliding down my throat, and I in most cases keep the crunchy bits of granola and almond butter for a powerfully flavored perform.


  • For the smoothie:

  • 1

    medium ripe banana

  • 1/2 cup

    non-dairy milk (I in most cases consume unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened cashew milk)

  • Some overjoyed handfuls of spinach!

  • To cook dinner plantains:

  • 1

    ripe plantain (can have to silent be yellow with sunless spots)

  • Both some oil or non-stick oil spray (my accepted is coconut oil or avocado oil/spray)

  1. Mix ingredients unless they’re all blendy, yellow-inexperienced, and savory taking a glimpse. Right here is the unsuitable of your smoothie bowl. Self-discipline in fridge to kick back.
  2. Justify: In my vegan cooking adventures I are inclined to consume as runt oil as that you just may well per chance well accept as true with. I consume getting my wholesome fats from assorted sources a lot like nuts, seeds, and avocado. I derive that, many times, when a recipe calls for oil, it will both be substituted or now not lower than substantially diminished. The consume of much less oil would be stress-free attributable to it encourages us to focal point on highlighting the pure flavors of the meals we’re drinking!

  3. To sauté the plantains, heat a pan with some avocado oil spray, and pretty great factual throw within the sliced plantains. After a couple of minutes of letting the plantains brown, pour in a runt of water and assign a duvet over the pan to assist defend the plantains moist while they cook dinner and soften a runt more. After they’re each and every yellow and a runt of brown, space apart to assemble your smoothie bowl.

  4. To assemble:
    Pour the banana smoothie unsuitable dependable into a bowl. I love to add a chopped Granny Smith apple to my bowl attributable to I love how the tartness of the apple offsets the sweetness of the banana. Then add a few of the valuable sliced plantain to your smoothie (I in most cases have some leftovers for future smoothies). I love to sprinkle my bowl with some cinnamon (my accepted!) and a few crunchy, oil-free granola (I’ll be sharing this straightforward recipe rapidly too). Lastly, I will’t have a smoothie bowl with out adding some creamy almond butter.

  5. Also, once in a while I’ll add a couple of dark chocolate morsels if I’m feeling feisty!

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