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Electric Orange Pisco Sour – The previous Peruvian drink is given a contemporary makeover with the addition of Crimson Bull Energy Drink and new orange juice

Glass of Electric Orange Pisco SourHispanic Heritage Month is in plump swing, individuals! How delight in you ever been celebrating? Did you to find a probability to to find my killer Mexican Avenue Corn Hen Salad but?

As I mentioned closing week, I’m celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring “remixed” former recipes from a command country each week. Final week used to be Mexico, attributable to this truth the Mexican Avenue Corn Hen Salad.

This week, I’m featuring Peru. And to delight in a tremendous time, I’ve bought a killer salvage on the standard Peruvian drink, the Pisco Sour. Pisco Sour is terribly a reminiscent of a Whiskey Sour, excluding it makes spend of lime juice as a substitute of lemon juice and Peruvian Pisco brandy as a substitute of whiskey.

My remixed model makes spend of a further citrus flavor and a microscopic bit extra energy boost, thanks to the Crimson Bull. I show to you my Electric Orange Pisco Sour!

Glass of Electric Orange Pisco Sour with an orange peel in it Electric Orange Pisco Sour with crimson bull in the background

Guys. Prepared to delight in your world rocked by this drink!

All the tactic thru Hurricane Irma about a weeks ago, we were compelled to hunker down in my townhouse with my sister, who used to be escaping the storm in Miami, FL. I made these Electric Orange Pisco Sours to initiate up off our morning, , as a substitute of mimosas. If there’s juice, that it is seemingly you’ll delight in it earlier than noon, magnificent???

Plus, with the addition of Crimson Bull, this drink will perk you magnificent up! That’s what makes this drink electric!

Crimson bull between two orange halves

She and my husband LOVED them. They even requested for seconds. Nevertheless I warned them that these drinks are sneaky so watch out when having more than one!

That is precisely the the rationalization why I didn’t to find a pitcher for this drink. If you occur to’re mindful of my other drink recipes, they’re all pitcher recipes because (1) I never delight in perfect one and (2) in overall to find drinks for a crowd. Nevertheless these are highly glorious drinks so I don’t mediate pitchers are applicable.

glass of Electric Orange Pisco Sour sitting on ice

As I mentioned above, this drink is made with Pisco brandy. Pisco is a colorless grape brandy made in Peru or Chile. I used to be ready to detect it with out complications at an huge liquor store right here in Atlanta. That you will be ready to also gain it on-line in case your issue lets in on-line purchases of liquor.

You shouldn’t delight in any points discovering it but be at liberty to make spend of 1 other grape trace in case it is seemingly you’ll’t gain it.

I’ve made this drink about a occasions and realized a vital lesson in the job: spend new OJ! Now not easiest enact you to find a deeper orange coloration for your drink however the flavor is unmatched by store-offered juice. Now not contest, guys. It tastes extremely vivid with new OJ. Plus, I counsel garnishing with a new peel so those orange peel oils to find the flavor even better.

To place up this drink, it’s actually reasonably straightforward. I made the drink in a pint glass and then poured into smaller glasses stuffed with overwhelmed ice. So plan shut your pint glass and to find to work!

First, you’ll mix the sugar, water, Pisco, and lime together. The alcohol and citric acid inspire dissolve the sugar so it’s no longer all grainy.

After which you merely enact off with the brand new OJ, membership soda, and Crimson Bull. The fizz from the membership soda and Crimson Bull are one other the rationalization why you shouldn’t to find these in a pitcher – they’ll stir flat they take a seat too prolonged in a pitcher. So it’s easiest to to find these to command.

Pouring crimson bull into the glass

Moreover to to the pointers I’ve already given you, right here are a pair more to to find definite this recipe goes PERFECTLY:

  1. Don’t neglect – spend freshly-squeezed juice! That is a substantial rule of thumb for all drink recipes.
  2. Enact no longer shake the drink when mixing. This could even merely place off the membership soda and Crimson Bull to lose their fix. As a substitute, straightforward poke the drink alongside with a spoon.

That’s all there is to it! A substantial straightforward drink that is definite to provoke. And the applicable means to combine up your Hispanic dishes this month. If you occur to have to salvage a respect at a former Pisco Sour, right here’s a substantial recipe for a Pisco Sour Cocktail from Confetti & Bliss!

Subsequent week, I’ll delight in but any other remixed recipe to half with you all. Nevertheless this time, it will doubtless be to delight in a tremendous time the flavors of Puerto Rico! Come support to gaze what I’ve bought in store!

The previous Peruvian drink is given a contemporary makeover with the addition of Crimson Bull Energy Drink and new orange juice

Prep Time5 mins

Total Time5 mins

Servings: 2 servings


  • 1/2 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon water
  • 1 tablespoon new lime juice
  • 2 ounces Pisco brandy
  • 4 ounces new orange juice
  • 2 ounces membership soda
  • 2 ounces Crimson Bull Energy Drink


  • In a pint glass, add sugar, water, lime juice, and Pisco together. Chase for a minute to inspire the sugar dissolve. Add orange juice and poke together. Add membership soda and Crimson Bull and poke very gently. If you occur to poke to intensely, the fizz will stir away.

  • Salvage two immediate cocktail glasses with overwhelmed ice. Damage up the cocktail between both glasses. Slash two skinny slices of orange peel. Occupy one peel and rub the outside (orange facet) all around the rim of the glass. Repeat with other glass. Home peels in each respective glass as a garnish and attend.

Pin for later:

Electric Orange Pisco Sour portray collage

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